Shoplog: Mini Tarte Spree

Every so often I come across a beauty brand which looks absolutely lovely but for some reason is not available in the Netherlands. A few years back Sephora left the Netherlands to become a more international oriented company (I never really understood the grounds of this argument but oh well). So sadly one of the brands I never got to try-out is Tarte. A few months back one of my closest friends went on a road-trip through the USA so I asked her nicely if she could bring back a few Tarte products for me. Sweet as she was she actually had to go through quite some trouble to get her hands on both products and I could not appreciate her more for it.


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Etos Liquid Lipstick

I do not think I have to explain my lipstick addiction at this point anymore. It has gotten to the point where as I was looking through my bag to get the one I needed to write this review, I grabbed three others in the process. Whether it is just a regular lipbalm or a liquid lipstick, I love wearing something on my lips just to give my look a little extra. But unfortunately finding a good liquid lipstick can be as hard as finding an avocado that is not under- or over-ripe. So when Etos launched their new liquid lipstick collection for such an affordable price I just had to try it.


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Sustainable Choices #1: Pela Case

In September I started my board year and one of our goals was to make our study association more sustainable. Our university values sustainablility and we felt that we could not stay behind. But vouching for a more sustainable association would only work if I decided to make more sustainable choices in my personal life as well. Which is why I want to introduce a new segment on this blog. I want to share my road to being more eco-friendly with you guys. For this first article I want to talk to you about my eco-friendly phone case.


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Why Christmas Should Not Be About Presents

Eleven years ago on the day after Christmas my parents told us they would be separating and in that moment the world that I, as an eleven year old, knew collapsed. It took many years for Christmas to resemble something more than just the period that had broken up my family. Christmas used to be about eating with family, playing board games and just laughing and talking in general. But for the first years after the separation the joy of the holiday was clouded by sadness. As I was dealing with the aftermath, the holiday itself started to get more commercial every year. Soon having the biggest tree became more important than time spend with family. More than anything the size of the pile of gifts laying under that same humongous tree started to matter most.


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Revolution Golden Kiss Highlighter

I am a make-up hoarder no matter how I try to twist the facts. There is, however, one product category which exceeds all the others in my personal collection… you guessed it highlighters. Maybe it is because I love sparkly stuff or maybe it is just the effect a good highlighter has, I do not know the answer but I do know that when I saw the Revolution Golden Kiss Highlighter I just had to add it to my collection.


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Smashbox All-Set Lashes Gift Set

October was a month full of celebratory activities; my sister got her Masters Degree, I got my Bachelors Degree and nevertheless it was also the month I turned 22. Each year I invite my friends over and cook for them (whether they want me to or not *evil laughter*) and after we are all stuffed and may have had one glass of wine or beer too many (who knows) we go out. This year was no different and I had an amazing birthday. One of my closest friends got me a giftcard to Douglas with a ridiculous amount of money on it. After strolling online for hours my eyes fell on this mascara giftbox and as a result I went to the store and it became the first item I purchased using the giftcard.


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Etos Social Ambassador: New Shower-line

I think that the word Winter conjures up different images and feelings for different people. I personally associate winter with cold, endless runny noses, a never ending pile of used tissues, snow, family gatherings and food… lots of it. But as the days get shorter and the mornings turn darker I like to change my beauty routine around. Etos has launched a new shower collection based on essential oils which happen to be perfect for my morning moodiness.


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