Etos Liquid Lipstick

I do not think I have to explain my lipstick addiction at this point anymore. It has gotten to the point where as I was looking through my bag to get the one I needed to write this review, I grabbed three others in the process. Whether it is just a regular lipbalm or a liquid lipstick, I love wearing something on my lips just to give my look a little extra. But unfortunately finding a good liquid lipstick can be as hard as finding an avocado that is not under- or over-ripe. So when Etos launched their new liquid lipstick collection for such an affordable price I just had to try it.


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Wednesday Reviews: Bioré Pore strips

I have to say that I have been blessed with clear skin. Every now and then I find a lost pimple on my face but other than that my skin is soft and problem free… well mostly. The one problem that I do have are those pesky blackheads on my nose. For years I used Nivea Porestrips but a while back Dutch stores started to carry these Bioré ones and after reading a few promising reviews I had to try them for myself.


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Wednesday Reviews #13 I❤️ Makeup Bronze and Glow

Two Tuesdays ago the weather was dark and after quite a heavy conversation I decided to explore a part of town I do not usually find myself wandering around in. I found a drugstore which I cannot find anywhere near where I live so I decided to go in and look around. A while back I got my hands on the I Heart Makeup Chocolate – Golden Bar. The same store sold the Bronze and Glow palette as well however because I was holding the I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart and getting all of them was just simply too much. So when I came across the contouring palette while being at the other side of town and considering how I felt I decided to treat myself.


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Wednesday Reviews #14 Skinlite Sheetmasks

It was Sunday afternoon, I had just taken two fitness classes in the morning (my body was not as happy with the decision) and after having a nice big breakfast I decided it was time for a nice relaxing moment. I had bought two face masks on the same day as the Revolution ShoplogIf you have been on this blog before you know that I love face masks. I had never used a sheet mask before but had read a lot about them. So when I came across these two I decided that it would be nice to finally try them.


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Wednesday Reviews #12 L’Oréal Skin Expert Pure Clay Masks

At times you need a little me-moment and for me those moments are best spend pampering myself. So I try to plan a little me moment every week in which I treat myself with a good thorough facial cleanse and finish with a facial mask. Now L’Oréal launched their Skin Expert Pure Clay Masks a while back and at first I was a bit sceptical. The way they advertise the products is that each of the three types has their own function and that it is best to use all three in different areas. The reason why I was sceptical had to do with the price. Luckily I found them on sale online a while back and I decided, why not?


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Wednesday Reviews #11 Miracle Worker

It has been a while since I last posted a Wednesday Reviews but after using this product for a while I could not stand to not share it. I would not say that my skin is dry or oily. However, not that the temperatures have dropped and the wind can be icy cold, I do like to give it some extra treatment. This is why today’s post is dedicated to L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil.


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Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette

When I lived in the USA one thing that I got to experience was Black Friday. When I first heard of the concept it seemed kind of weird. After celebrating a day of being thankful you would go out to the stores and spend a lot of money on sales? But hey who am I to turn down a good deal. For some reason though Dutch stores have responded to these American Black Friday sales by hosting their own Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which to me makes even less sense. Normally I do not pay a lot of attention to these deals. However, this year I came across the website of Douglas and saw that they had 25% off almost all their products. Weak as I am I had to check it out and the Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow palette was one of the things I bought.

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Wednesday Reviews #10: L’Oréal BB Legs

As some of you may know I turned 21 on the 29th of October. While I do not have a rich family I did really like the idea of giving a 21 diner and so I did. However, I do not really get tan and all the results from lying under the Portuguese sun have long vanished. Which means that my legs look like glow in the dark milk jugs, I wish I was kidding… So naturally I needed a solution for this problem. However, I am no hero when it comes to self tan products. They frighten me… I once spray tanned myself, the result was so horrific that my mother could not look at me without laughing and my legs had to stay hidden for at least two days. So when came across this product I was curious.


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Wednesday Reviews #9 Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa

Yesterday was extremely busy I had a US literature final from 13:30 till 16:30 and afterwards a Communications final from 17:00 till 20:00. The planning was to lay in bed and treat myself to a TWD marathon but I ended up at a bar and did not get back till 4 in the morning. This is why today’s Wednesday Reviews is a little late, but considering that I have not had time at all the past few weeks for Wednesday Reviews late is better than never right?


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