Solo Sunday #5 Tights, Unbearable Heat and the Bodyguard

For the past five weeks I’ve been stepping out of my comfort zone for this blog and to experience for myself whether I’d been overreacting all this time. Some things were more scary than others (I’m still dead serious when I say that I am NEVER eating out by myself again, no thanks) but overall I’ve been really proud of myself for doing all these things. How cheesy it may sound, I do feel as though I have grown from these experiences. I personally believe that life is so much better when you are capable of being by yourself. So when last Sunday I got the idea for this final (for now) Solo Sunday I wasn’t scared, I was excited and that is how I knew this little project of mine was a succes.

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Solo Sunday #4 (Next week final post)

Hi! I’m still a bit traumatized from last week’s experience which is why this week I decided to do something which wasn’t that far out of my comfort zone. I know, I know it isn’t as exciting but it still resulted in quite an hilarious experience. Also, to compensate for the fact that this week wasn’t as intense as the past few weeks I did two things by myself which I normally might not do. Furthermore, next week will be the last segment of Solo Sunday as it is only supposed to last 5 weeks. I do have something big (to me personally) planned which I’m really excited about.

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Solo Sunday #3

I’ve been part of quite some awkward experiences in my almost 21 years on this earth. I have fallen while wearing stilletos, ripped my jeans during drama class and at one point while I was 10 years old I even threw-up in the classroom. I always get myself into abnormal situations or happen to make things very uncomfortable. This week was no exception. While I didn’t particularly do anything to make things awkward my experience though was very unnerving. If you feel like laughing I would recommend that you’d read on.

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Solo Sunday #2

Hi! It’s Sunday again so that means it’s time for another Solo Sunday. In this part of the blog I take big steps out of my comfort zone by doing things by myself which I normally never would. Last week I went to see Suicide Squad and once I got past the awkwardness I really enjoyed myself. This week I took two steps out of my comfort zone. Be sure to read on if you want to read what I did this week.

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Solo Sunday #1

When you see a pack of women heading towards the bathroom there is a 90% chance that I’m part of it. A group of people enjoying the sun in the lunchbreak? Also a big chance that I’m part of that group. Point being, I’m not that great at doing things alone. I’m fine when I go to the library to study on my own or to the mall to buy clothes but as soon as it involves any other sort of activity I’d rather not be alone with my thoughts. They say that life starts at the end of your comfort zone so that is what I’ll be doing for the coming 5 weeks.  Continue reading