Shoplog: Mini Tarte Spree

Every so often I come across a beauty brand which looks absolutely lovely but for some reason is not available in the Netherlands. A few years back Sephora left the Netherlands to become a more international oriented company (I never really understood the grounds of this argument but oh well). So sadly one of the brands I never got to try-out is Tarte. A few months back one of my closest friends went on a road-trip through the USA so I asked her nicely if she could bring back a few Tarte products for me. Sweet as she was she actually had to go through quite some trouble to get her hands on both products and I could not appreciate her more for it.


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Shoplog: Birthday + Graduation Extravaganza

On the 24th of October I received my B.A. and on the 29th of October I turned 22 and as I have no controle whatsoever over my wallet / expenses this called for another online shopping spree. Who does not love a make-up shoplog? So here it is, my Graduation + Birthday shoplog, containing mostly Revolution products.


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Shoplog: Everyone Needs a Good Nude Palette

First of all, my sincerest apologies for not posting anything last week. I feel that every time I post an apology it has to do with me being really busy. The past weeks have been just a little bit more busy than usual. At this point I am getting ready for my board year, following a Creative Writing course and at the same time writing a B.A. Thesis (which means that, fingers crossed, I will finish my English Bachelor this year🎉) . I will be back to posting more once I finish my thesis (which btw has totally ruined Disney movies for me). So today as I am finishing my pre-final Thesis I decided it would be nice to have a distraction in the form of a blogpost.


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Shoplog: “I need a purple concealer”

One thing I realised after landing back on Dutch ground was that the circles under my eyes really could not have been any darker. After a week full of fun activities and no more than four hours of sleep a night my skin could not have been any paler. My tiredness decided that this was the perfect time for my face to show just how tired I was. The bags under my eyes could have been spotted from the moon so I decided that I wanted to get a purple concealer to get those bags covered-up. Sadly I am absolutely terrible at just getting one thing so I then ended up buying a whole lot more (not everything is pictured).


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Shoplog: Bought in Budapest

I have been back now from Budapest for a little over a week and with the first week of classes having finished, I felt it would be time to finally post my little Budapest shoplog. I did not buy a lot of things while I was over there which mostly had to do with the fact that not only did I not have a lot of money but also because I was organizing this trip for 34 others I did not have a lot of spare time. While over there one of my friends spotted a DM (a German drugstore) on the first day and ever since we had been discussing how we had to visit one while we were there. Sadly the only time that we got into one was when the store was apparently already closed and we were not supposed to be inside (my bad).


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Shoplog #4 I Lack Self-Controle

As I am writing this I have finally finished the hell that was my final assignment for this block. The only time that I have dreaded an assignment like this before was when I had to write a paper on television genres and it felt like I had literally landed in hell. Luckily for me when I come home I will be comforted by the fact that I have treated myself to some new make-up. This Monday was payday and since I lack obvious self-control I went on a “little” shopping spree. It started at home with a plane-ticket to visit my best friend who is currently taking courses at the University of Birmingham. After receiving my new bag (which I had also ordered) I went to city centre to turn in my final paper for my Translation course and afterwards headed straight for the Douglas.


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Shoplog #3 Nice Weather = Spending Money

The last week has been quite eventful as well as stressful which is why I have not really had the opportunity, up until today, to post anything. However, it does not mean that I did not have any new posts lined up. A few weeks back the weather was really great and while I had managed to delay a translation which I had to turn in for such a long time that I actually became ill due to the lack of sleep, my nose piercing decided to call it quits. The little ball that is screwed on top decided that it had had enough en dropped onto my carpet as I was cleaning it. This resulted in me speeding to the piercingshop as fast as I could while looking cross-eyed pretty much the entire way there (I was checking if the rest of my piercing was still there). Afterwards I turned in my assignment and decided that it was time for a little shopping.


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Revolution Shoplog

I am currently dating someone who lives in quite a small city so while he was at work yesterday I decided to explore and ended up buying make-up, cause why not? While I bought several products the two I want to discuss today are by Revolution which is one of my favourite make-up brands. Be sure to read on if you are curious which two products I am talking about.


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Shoplog #2 November’s Catch

The dust is slowly settling, the storm is almost over and I am slowly getting my life back. The past few weeks have been absolute mayhem. I have been all over the country and back, spoken to a lot of different people, visited the occasional party and arranged a lot for my committee. With the new block having started everything is slowly turning back to the way it was. Hopefully this also means that I will have more time to post again. Today’s post contain all the beauty related products I have gotten this past month. Ranging from very ordinary products to my favorite special Christmas line.


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Shoplog #1 Birthday Preparations

As some of you may know, in a few short days (5 to be exact) I will be turning 21. While turning 21 in the Netherlands is not that big of a deal in itself, I am planning a nice celebration with my dear friends. Sadly, this year my birthday is in the middle of finalsweek so I already had to do most of my birthday shopping this past Friday. Because the coming weeks are so extremely busy I will focus on writing posts that I have the time for. So today I have my first shoplog lined up for you.


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