Room for Thought: Are We Trying Too Hard?

Summer is slowly coming to an end (although it could be argued that it never really started in the Netherlands) and our bottles of sunblock are being swapped for course syllabi. For me this means that the start of my Board year is approaching which is paired with the increased amount of plans in my schedules. Moreover, this year I will be receiving my B.A. Diploma for my Bachelor in the Arts, write my thesis for my other B.A., working at my job, joining the Education Committee, taking two courses each block (or try to do so at least), work on my blog and still function as a Etos Social Ambassador. The reason why I mention all of these things is not because I want to brag but because last week the Volkskrant posted an article about the increased pressure on students to manage many different commitments at the same time. Are we trying too hard?


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Room for Thought: Welcome to Your Tape

A couple of weeks have passed since Netflix dropped Thirteen Reasons Why and honestly it is hard to remember what life was like before this show became available for streaming. The popular show is based on the novel written by Jay Asher and after a movie adaptation starring Selena Gomez fell through Gomez became involved in turning the novel into a tv-series. While the web is filled with opinions on the show I do not wish to focus on the content of the series. I would rather talk to you about the way people are responding to the series. This post may contain spoilers.


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Room for Thought: Can You Not?

Remember me bragging about how I was going to the gym three times a week? Yeah so that kind of backfired last week. I only managed to go once and even that time was not as active as it should have been (read: I stuck to my crosstrainer as usual). So yesterday I decided that I needed to get my shit together and work out again or soon I would be waving all of my progress goodbye. I signed up for a Zumba class and as soon as we reached the second song I regretted this choice with all my heart. Luckily for me I survived and lived to tell the tale. When I finally got the energy to move my ass from the dressingroom and go home I overheard a brief conversation. Two guys just walked out of the weightsroom and passed a employee who was enjoying a salad which apparently contained couscous. So the one guy says: “Oh a chicken salad nice, just skip the couscous that stuff makes you fat.” The employee replied swiftly with: “No it does not, that’s a myth, carbs are good for you.” Meanwhile I was (once again) unable to controle my facial expression and my neutral face switched to annoyed in a split second…

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Room for Thought #8 Oh Honey…

CoverGirl just announced its first male model and the internet is losing its mind. As soon as I got on Facebook I was confronted with the loud and obnoxious opinions of religious people. Before I knew it I was reading a discussion on the role of the man and the woman in marriage and all I could do was laugh. If you tell me that I’m not equal to men then my reaction will be exactly that, I will laugh at you. 


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Room for Thought #7 Make-up Mania

It is Sunday evening, the weather outside has been dreadful all day. I have lit my candles, am wearing my most comfy loungewear and just finished a big cup of camomile tea. It is time to write another Room for Thought. This week will be about make-up. Whether you like make-up or not, everyone has a opinion on make-up and I am no exception. So be sure to read on if you are curious what my thoughts are.


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Room for Thought #6 Presidential Elections USA

First of all, it felt so weird not to post on Sunday, I do kind of miss Solo Sunday so maybe it will return every once in a while. I want today’s post to be about something you could not have missed… the Presidential Election in the U S of A. While first and foremost it is really important to use your right to vote I would like to make a case why you should not vote for Trump. Please do read and if you are not convinced by the end of this post then that is your right.


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