Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Hoola

So today it is time for the final installment of the Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade reviews. I have covered four of the five already but I figured I would save Benefit’s most popular bronzer till last. This means that today’s post will be about the fan-favourite Hoola.


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Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Dandelion

This week has been all about the Benefit Cheek Parade and today we are on day four. Because I did not have the energy to post yesterday you have two posts today. This morning I covered Rockateur. As promised here is today’s review of the pink blush Dandelion.


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Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Rockateur

I can see you thinking ‘Was this girl not going to post every day this week?’ Yes, I was however, yesterday was extremely tiring and as soon as I got home I pretty much fell asleep. So my sincerest apologies but sometimes life happens. Welcome back for the third day of this Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade review. Each day I dedicate one of my blogposts to one of the full-sized blushes/bronzers in this beautiful Benefit palette. If you have missed one of the previous ones, click here for my review of Hoola Lite and here for yesterday’s post on Galifornia. So today will be dedicated to the lovely shimmery blush Rockateur. It feels as if Rockateur is the underdog of the Benefit blushes which is why I was all the more excited to try it out.


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Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Galifornia

Yesterday I reviewed the brand new Hoola Lite as part of this week’s celebration of the new Benefit Cheek Parade palette. So up today is the also quite new Galifornia blush! I fell in love with the packaging as soon as my Instagram feed started to fill up with this beautiful blush. At first I was a bit scared that even though it is a stunning colour, it would not be for me due to the colour of my hair.


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Putting it to the Test: Cheap Foundations

Every morning the first thing that I do is turn off the airplane mode of my iPhone and scroll through my Instagram feed. I follow quite a number of beautyb/vloggers and make-up brands so every morning I am confronted with the most beautiful (new) make-up looks and products. Sadly for me my bank account does not contain a six-figure number nor does my student status help my financial independence. I am obviously not the only make-up lover who struggles with these things. So for today’s post I tried three cheap foundations.


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