Picture Perfect: Bold Birmingham

As most of you will know the past two months have involved quite a lot of trips abroad. About a month ago I went to Budapest with a group of 35 student (you can check those photo’s out here) and two weeks later I flew to England to visit one of my closest friends who is currently studying abroad for 6 months. We had talked about the trip for quite a while but it wasn’t until a month before the actual flight that I knew for certain if I could make the trip or not. Money was a little tight and considering that I am going abroad again this week (cannot tell you the location just yet) I had to think about whether it was possible or not. Luckily everything came together and I managed to make my way to Birmingham. Most of the photo’s were taken on the same day (I think all of them) because I did want to enjoy her company for as long as I could (and maybe we did not get too much sleep during those five days).

I hope you enjoy!


Ps. The photo of the geese was added not because I thought it was a particularly pretty photo or because I like geese that much. They did make have a near-death experience which is why I wanted to include them in this post. They scared the shit out of me (and resulted in hysterical laughing when the parents pretty much charged at us).


This one was actually taken with my iPhone while in the bus

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Picture Perfect: I Left Part of Me in Budapest

While last week you had an article to read almost everyday, this week has been fairly quiet on the blog. Now that I have cleared-up the dust let me tell you why. This Monday I hopped on a plane and flew to Budapest. If you are a regular visitor of my blog you may know that I am the chair of a trip abroad committee which is part of my study association. Since the beginning of Oktober four other girls have been planning this study trip to the beautiful city Budapest for a total of 35 university students. Yesterday we landed and while there are so many things I could blog about, I really wanted to share with you my photos.


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