Revolution Golden Kiss Highlighter

I am a make-up hoarder no matter how I try to twist the facts. There is, however, one product category which exceeds all the others in my personal collection… you guessed it highlighters. Maybe it is because I love sparkly stuff or maybe it is just the effect a good highlighter has, I do not know the answer but I do know that when I saw the Revolution Golden Kiss Highlighter I just had to add it to my collection.


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Smashbox All-Set Lashes Gift Set

October was a month full of celebratory activities; my sister got her Masters Degree, I got my Bachelors Degree and nevertheless it was also the month I turned 22. Each year I invite my friends over and cook for them (whether they want me to or not *evil laughter*) and after we are all stuffed and may have had one glass of wine or beer too many (who knows) we go out. This year was no different and I had an amazing birthday. One of my closest friends got me a giftcard to Douglas with a ridiculous amount of money on it. After strolling online for hours my eyes fell on this mascara giftbox and as a result I went to the store and it became the first item I purchased using the giftcard.


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Etos Beauty: Summertime

On Tuesday I told you more about my first experience with the Etos Social Ambassador program. Today I will review the first two products I got at this meeting: the Etos Limited Edition Make-Up Fixing Spray and the Etos Rainbow Highlighter. Because Summertime equals lovely bright colours my backdrops will be colourful as well during these Summer months.


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NYX Lip Lingerie: Bedtime Flirt

A while back I was unable to controle my spending and splurged on the oh so affordable NYX at my local Douglas. Ever since I got my first eyeshadow palette by this brand I have been absolutely sold on the brand and every month my collection seems to get a little bigger. So today I want to talk to you about the NYX Lip Lingerie in the colour Bedtime Flirt.


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Shoplog: Everyone Needs a Good Nude Palette

First of all, my sincerest apologies for not posting anything last week. I feel that every time I post an apology it has to do with me being really busy. The past weeks have been just a little bit more busy than usual. At this point I am getting ready for my board year, following a Creative Writing course and at the same time writing a B.A. Thesis (which means that, fingers crossed, I will finish my English Bachelor this year🎉) . I will be back to posting more once I finish my thesis (which btw has totally ruined Disney movies for me). So today as I am finishing my pre-final Thesis I decided it would be nice to have a distraction in the form of a blogpost.


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Mesmerizing Mermaid Brushes

A while back one of my friends (fellow blogger A Beauty Day) got her hands on one of those unicorn brush sets. I had seen multiple variants of those brushes all over Instagram but the retailers on there charged €30,- most of the times. Because i did not really need those brushes I just let those offers fly by. But her post got me interested, mostly because she got them on Aliexpress which is one of the biggest online markets out there. I decided to give it a shot and to start the search for my beloved brushes.


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