NYX Ombre Blush: Strictly Chic

A while ago I went to check-out the new NYX counter at my local Douglas. I had always been a fan of NYX but before it was quite hard to get your hands on the entire range of products they had to offer. One of the first things I noticed were their ombre blushes, at the time they did not have the one that I wanted (which is the one pictured below Strictly Chic) so I bought Mauve Me. Flash forward to a few weeks later when the peachy blush was back in stock, I just knew I had to get it.


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Shoplog: “I need a purple concealer”

One thing I realised after landing back on Dutch ground was that the circles under my eyes really could not have been any darker. After a week full of fun activities and no more than four hours of sleep a night my skin could not have been any paler. My tiredness decided that this was the perfect time for my face to show just how tired I was. The bags under my eyes could have been spotted from the moon so I decided that I wanted to get a purple concealer to get those bags covered-up. Sadly I am absolutely terrible at just getting one thing so I then ended up buying a whole lot more (not everything is pictured).


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Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Rockateur

I can see you thinking ‘Was this girl not going to post every day this week?’ Yes, I was however, yesterday was extremely tiring and as soon as I got home I pretty much fell asleep. So my sincerest apologies but sometimes life happens. Welcome back for the third day of this Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade review. Each day I dedicate one of my blogposts to one of the full-sized blushes/bronzers in this beautiful Benefit palette. If you have missed one of the previous ones, click here for my review of Hoola Lite and here for yesterday’s post on Galifornia. So today will be dedicated to the lovely shimmery blush Rockateur. It feels as if Rockateur is the underdog of the Benefit blushes which is why I was all the more excited to try it out.


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Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Galifornia

Yesterday I reviewed the brand new Hoola Lite as part of this week’s celebration of the new Benefit Cheek Parade palette. So up today is the also quite new Galifornia blush! I fell in love with the packaging as soon as my Instagram feed started to fill up with this beautiful blush. At first I was a bit scared that even though it is a stunning colour, it would not be for me due to the colour of my hair.


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Shoplog #4 I Lack Self-Controle

As I am writing this I have finally finished the hell that was my final assignment for this block. The only time that I have dreaded an assignment like this before was when I had to write a paper on television genres and it felt like I had literally landed in hell. Luckily for me when I come home I will be comforted by the fact that I have treated myself to some new make-up. This Monday was payday and since I lack obvious self-control I went on a “little” shopping spree. It started at home with a plane-ticket to visit my best friend who is currently taking courses at the University of Birmingham. After receiving my new bag (which I had also ordered) I went to city centre to turn in my final paper for my Translation course and afterwards headed straight for the Douglas.


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Shoplog #3 Nice Weather = Spending Money

The last week has been quite eventful as well as stressful which is why I have not really had the opportunity, up until today, to post anything. However, it does not mean that I did not have any new posts lined up. A few weeks back the weather was really great and while I had managed to delay a translation which I had to turn in for such a long time that I actually became ill due to the lack of sleep, my nose piercing decided to call it quits. The little ball that is screwed on top decided that it had had enough en dropped onto my carpet as I was cleaning it. This resulted in me speeding to the piercingshop as fast as I could while looking cross-eyed pretty much the entire way there (I was checking if the rest of my piercing was still there). Afterwards I turned in my assignment and decided that it was time for a little shopping.


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Winterskin Wonders

The cold is slowly passing and as I am writing this I can see the sun shining through my window. Winter (and the period as it comes to an end) for me marks a time where I am battling dryness on every aspect. With all the wind (and the fact that I dye my hair) my hair gets dry and the split-ends seem to double every second. My legs bear incredible resemblance to the driest desert (cracks and all) and my face is just not as elastic as I would like it to be. Luckily for us we are alive in a time where all these incredible people have invented several options to battle these dry spots. So today I want to share with you my favourite products to battle winterskin.


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