Diana Leeflang Stationary Line

As some of you may know I am not that good with following other Bloggers/Vloggers. I have a few blogs which I do read repeatedly but most times I totally forget. One vlogger that I do follow is the Dutch Diana Leeflang, also known as DisforDazzle. I love watching her vlogs and I think her and Alex just make the cutest couple ever. A while back she announced that she was launching a Stationary Line at the Dutch Kruidvat stores and as soon as I heard the news I knew I just had to check the items out.


It is no secret that I am not a big fan of Kruidvat. Some will say it is because I work at Etos, and part of that is true, but mostly it has to do with the image of the store. Kruidvat stores are very very messy and there is just a whole lot going on… So much that when I walk into the store I often end up getting a headache because there is just too much for me to process and it more than often feels as if you are going on a survival trip rather than a quick store visit. But every once in a while I make an exception and the launching of this line was one of them.

The line consists of multiple different products which I will not list here but if you are interested click here. I decided to get the stickers, agenda and the hand lettering set. In this review I will discuss my impressions of the products and list their prices. The products are limited editions so if you are interested I would suggest to not wait too long with your store visit.


The one item that I was really excited about was the agenda. If you know me a little you know that I am a big fan of agendas (read my post on planning here) and my Moleskin agenda is my best friend. What I love especially about my Moleskin agenda is the lay-out of the week overview on the left page and a ruled page on the right. I often tend to forget things when I do not write them down which is why I like have have a ruled page for extra explanations and such.

The Diana Leeflang differs from my Moleskin in two distinct ways (besides the obvious layout differences) in the size of the pages, as the agenda is pretty big but the pages are pretty small which makes some of the pre-written text unreadable. Furthermore, there is no ruled right page which is unfortunate but understandable as the pages are much smaller.


The agenda is like a binder in which you can put the provided tabs, the journal pages, the doodling / to do section and the travelling section. The binder’s metal parts are quite far apart which cause the pages to get stuck in between them, making it impossible for me not to foresee the ripping of some of the pages. The pages are very cute and decorated with Diana’s doodles and quotes formatted by her (some of which are very corny to the point where they become quite cringeworthy).

Moreover, the agenda comes with four tabs which are very useful for making sections in the journal and replacing the bookmark most other agendas use. The agenda also has many little pockets and a zipper for notes and other small papers you might want to keep in there. The quality of the agenda does not seem to be that great but then again the price is very friendly and if you do not regularly have more than three appointments a day it is a pretty great product. Not to mention that this set only costs €3,99, which is incredibly reasonable. My only real objection to these kinds of agendas is the fact that often they are not refillable which makes them very environment-unfriendly.


The second thing I got where the stickers as I thought they were very cute. You get two sheets with several stickers and most of them have some gold touches. The stickers are pretty and sell for only €0,50 so they are a cute way to decorate your agenda or other notebooks.

Finally, I bought the hand lettering set which includes an instruction manual, four envelopes, four cards, four paper bags, six tags, two sheets with label stickers, two fineliners, two pencils of which one is black and one white and some rope for the labels.


The first thing that stood out to me was the fact that the items pictured on the back do not match the items included. I did not get black envelopes or black cards and the instruction manual has a different colour. If I have to be honest I was a little disappointed by this set. I expected more of the instruction manual, maybe a little more explanation and options but in reality it is quite limited. The fineliners do seem to be of nice quality but beside those two I doubt whether I will use much of this set, maybe just to not let it go to waste.


The set was not expensive as it cost me €3,99 but if I compare it to the agenda I do think it is a bit overpriced for what is inside. Also I think that knowing what I now know I might have preferred getting the travel set which holds a cute passport holder and a travel journal for the same price (maybe I will get that one later). I think that watching Diana’s video on hand lettering is just as informative as the manual included in this set but that is my opinion.

Have you guys checked out Diana’s stationary set yet and if so what do you think? I hope you guys liked this review and appreciate my honesty. To me being authentic and honest is very important as I would like my opinions to give you a realistic idea about the type of product you are buying. For most of us money is not something which just grows on trees so being careful before spending it is your right. Overall I liked the items and I would recommend checking out the washi tape as it looked really cute (I just already own a ton of them) and the other products at your local Kruidvat.

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