Wednesday Reviews: Bioré Pore strips

I have to say that I have been blessed with clear skin. Every now and then I find a lost pimple on my face but other than that my skin is soft and problem free… well mostly. The one problem that I do have are those pesky blackheads on my nose. For years I used Nivea Porestrips but a while back Dutch stores started to carry these Bioré ones and after reading a few promising reviews I had to try them for myself.


The package contains six strips which should clear the pores from dirt, oil and blackheads. The strips contain activated coal which is known for its cleansing properties. One pack retails for about €6,99, at first I thought this was pretty expensive. Then I did some calculating and the Nivea ones I used only contained three strips especially designed for the nose and three more that I always threw out because neither my forehead nor my chin is very oily. So in the end by buying these Bioré ones I am saving money and not wasting anything… if they work sufficiently of course.


The packaging of the individual strips is black, just like the strips themselves. It gives you a clear instruction on how to use them and to make sure that you are using them in the most effective way. Before you put the strip on you have to make your nose wet, the only way the strip will stick to the skin is on wet skin. After applying water on your nose you can apply the strip and when this is done you will have to wait 10 -15 minutes. As you are waiting you can feel the strip becoming hard, which means that the skin was wet enough and that it is really adhering to the skin. When the waiting period is over it is time for the fun part… ripping the strip off, or peeling it off, I would not recommend ripping it off as it is quite painful. I would have added a picture of the result but as the strip really did it’s work it was quite nasty to look at. If some black residue is still on your nose you can easily wipe this off with a wet cloth.


I have used two strips now and I am really satisfied with the result, I still do have blackhead but I could tell from the strip that a lot of gunk had been taken out of my pores. So I would definitely recommend these ones over the Nivea Porestrips because I stopped buying those since I was not really satisfied with the result. The Bioré Pore Strips retail at €6,99 at your local Etos but can probably be found at different stores as well.

I hope you guys liked this review and be sure to check yesterday’s post to enter my Giveaway! You can do so by clicking here.



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