Fit Girl Diaries of an Unfit Girl

It was probably a Sunday morning because most often these things tend to happen on Sunday morning. I come from a semi-athletic family of which most have a deep felt passion for running. Save to say those genes skipped me and more than often I feel as if I am the Snorlax of the family. However, somehow they managed to persuade me into doing something I would never consider possible…


Me and the rest of my 1.86m body are going to run in a recreational 4 mile race… a race… a recreational race but still a race… It was obviously a moment of weakness and who knows I just might have had a fever at that point but it is true… On the 8th of October I will be dragging my sorry ass through a 4 mile long parkour. Some people responded “Oh but that is only 6,4km.” but they obviously do not know me that well. I do not mind working out, I do not do it a lot at the moment but I do not hate it. Running on the other hand… To me there is nothing more uncomfortable than running through the streets showing people just how out of shape I truly am. For some odd reason I cannot run without making any sound so the touch-down of my feet on the ground sounds like an elephant is approaching and rather than being a swift jogger who runs up to you unexpected from behind, people turn around as soon as they hear me approaching to check whatever it could be approaching them.

Another reason why I hate running is because I am not a skinny girl so mashing all of my body into some tight pair of leggings and a top for everyone to be able to stare at the jiggling of my buttocks, as I run past, is not something I look forward to. But I still did it… they managed to convince me to run in the 4 mile of Groningen in October. It was obviously peer-pressure as most of the family was joining in and I am a little competitive so I had to agree as well. Yet Summer has been flying past and about three weeks ago I realised that it might be wise to go ahead and start training because there is no way that I could run 6,4km unprepared. So like the rest of my family I bought a TomTom Spark 3 Cardio Activity Watch (and also because I am a loser and like keeping track of how many steps I take during a day) and as soon as it came in the mail I realised that I had to start running now.

I imagine that me going for a run is about as hard as getting a toddler to his/her first day of school… it takes a lot of convincing because before I start my mind is sure to remind me of all the embarrassing things that could possibly happen. The first time it took two hours before I finally went, the second time 15 min and at this point I know I am not going to win this argument from myself so I do not bother and just get geared up. What this means is that for the past two weeks I have ran more times (4 times) than in my entire life combined and I am aiming to run 3 times a week. I am extremely proud of myself but I have to say that having a GPS watch which features the route that I have carefully planed out at home on does make it easier. I know exactly how many kilometers I am running, I know where to go and it tells me my interfalls so I do not have to deduce those myself.

While it is still a pain and agony every morning to get out of bed early to beat the YUP’s from waking up and seeing my tragic attempts at running, I am proud of myself for continuing and working on my goal to make the 4 mile race seem as effortless as can be when the time arrives. Not to mention, it is the perfect excuse to buy myself some new running shoes as the old ones have had their best time (even though they were mostly untouched for their entire existence) and of course new running shoes ask for a new pair of running leggings. Especially considering that I only have one pair suitable for running and my goal is to run three times a week (sound logic right?). But in the end if this is my biggest struggle than I can only think about how fortunate and lucky I truly am.

I hope you guys liked this post and I would love to know how you feel about running and working out. Be sure to check back next week because it will be my blog’s 1st Birthday and there may or may not be a give-away involved.



One thought on “Fit Girl Diaries of an Unfit Girl

  1. marian says:

    I’m always proud of you whether you’re running or not. Now I’m even more proud 😘 It’s not easy starting running en knowing you’re not braking worldrecords on you’re first run ( or any other future runs). That’s my struggle every time lm starting with serious running schedules


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