Summertime Solutions: Glowy Skin

If you know a little about me, you will know my skin has about as much pigment as a €2 eyeshadow palette… It does not matter how hard I try I never really seem to get tan. However, this year I found a product that helps me get a natural glowy skin without containing self-tan.


With the new sun-care line by Etos came the Etos Shimmering Oil After Sun and as soon as I saw the bottle I just knew I had to try it. My mother has red hair and somehow I managed to get her ginger genes more than she did. Meaning: I do not get tan, at best I get a little yellow on my shoulders but that is about it. I have tried countless self-tan products but never really was satisfied and also quite scared I would turn orange.


This shimmering oil is not a self-tan product, it is an after sun. It helps your skin restore its hydration levels while giving you a soft glimmer. Does it turn you into a discobal? No, absolutely not, it gives you glowy skin which makes you look more tan than you are. People often like using tanning oil because the shiny residue makes it appear as if you are more tan. This product does the same without the SPF, which makes it perfect for a night out after you have been lying in the sun.


The product is applied through a little pump, which I prefer over sprays because it gives you more controle without wasting any product. The after sun smells like regular after sun (a fragrance which I love because it reminds me of warm weather) and applies very smoothly.


As you can tell from the picture above the after sun looks a bit orangy but it does not leave your skin looking unnatural. You can also see the soft shimmer in the product that will turn into a lovely glow once spread-out. The aloe in the oil makes sure your skin has time to recover from being exposed to direct sunlight.


After rubbing the shimmering oil in the skin you can see that the palm of my hand has a nice subtle glow without looking orange. This product makes sure that your face is not the only part of your body which can have nice glowy skin, and while I have not really had a vacation away in the sun to fully test it, I have worn it several times feeling more confident about my ever so pale legs.

The Etos Shimmering Oil After Sun sells for, I believe €6,99, at any Etos store and it is a definite recommend for people who like to fake that glowy skin.

I hope you liked this Summertime Solution and I would love to know whether you have any advice on how to fake a tan without using fake tan.



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