Summertime Solutions: Skin Hydration

Summer is in full swing and while the weather has not been as lovely the past few days in the Netherlands, it is still reasonably warm. At least warm enough to dread lathering my body with bodylotion to get rid of the desert pattern of dry skin on my legs. Luckily for me, I found a solution to my little problem.


With the exposure to sunlight, the overall warmer weather and the humidity my body lacks hydration when it comes to my skin and while I normally would just put on some bodylotion before bedtime, the heat has made this a rather unpleasant experience. Often when it is quite warm my body will immediately refuse to let the bodylotion soak into my skin. Putting on regular bodylotion during the Summer results in sweaty limbs and feeling extremely warm but my body still needs some form of hydration, which is why today I will present you with my solution:


Vaseline had had them for a while now and Etos launched their version this year but multiple other brands have spray on body sprays. The bottle looks like an over-sized bottle of deodorant but rather than masking B.O. the product sets out to hydrate the skin without leaving a layer of product on the skin for too long (something which might be preferable during the Winter). Because the product is preserved in a spray-bottle the lotion has a cold touch which makes it perfect for the Summer. I chose this coconut fragranced one because the smell of coconut reminds me of Summer and it is known for often helping with dryer skin.


If desired, the product could be kept in the fridge to make the lotion even colder to the touch, which could also feel really nice after a day spend outside. However, these products do not make After-Sun irrelevant, as After-Sun contains aloe which help restore the skin after being dehydrated from longer exposure to the sun. So if you are like me and battle dry skin during the Summer but cannot stand lathering your body with regular bodylotion, this might be a solution for you. The spray-on bodylotions are often known for drying in seconds, leaving the skin super soft, making it one of my Summer favourites. This particular one is from Etos and retails at €3,99.

I hope you liked this post and feel free to let me know what your favourite products are for battling the Summertime in the comments. If you liked this post feel free to check out my other posts or follow me on Instagram.



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