Summertime Solutions: Salt of the Earth

While Summer brings nice weather, lovely temperatures and great days spend having drinks in the sun, not everything about Summer is that great. There is the issue of body hair (if you are like me and unable to act cool enough to go through Summer without shaving), sweaty odours when the temperature rises and dehydrated skin, just to mention a few. Which is why I will post one article every week to give you some tips how to survive and make the most of this Summer. Today? Let’s tackle the issue of body odour.


The other week Etos had a sale on all the deodorants which was why I decided to try an all natural deodorant for once. I had heard about these deodorants before and the idea is that they are based on salt which removes and prevents body odour. There are quite a lot of misconceptions out there when it comes to deodorants and anti-transpirants. For instance, deodorant is used when people feel that they deal with body odour, it masks the smell (or in the case of teenage boys and Axe it emphasizes the B.O). For people who deal with B.O deodorant might be preferable. On the other hand anti-transpirant tackles excessive sweating but does not block scent. So it is most important that you decide what product will fit your needs. Most anti-transpirants work multiple days in a row.


With the heat combined with working in a store I am always scared that people might smell my sweat which is why I wanted to try this natural deodorant. The first one I picked was the Pure Aura Melon & Cucumber spray which has a regular spray head without the pressure on the bottle so you only need one spray and the product will last you quite a while. I love the scent which is very subtle and does not linger for too long.


The second one is the Salt of the Earth Classic deodorant which is a salt stick. The idea is to apply water on the skin or a bit on the stick itself and then apply the product. I have not tried this one yet but these sticks are known to last forever because you only use a little each time.

The spray retails for €8,49 (if I am not mistaken) and the stick for €5,99 which is quite expensive but in my opinion very worth it. I have only used the spray and I am super satisfied, ever since I have started using Salt of the Earth I have not had any body odour problems and I go the entire day feeling confident because I do not have to worry about the sweating. The only downside is that the product does not actually help with the sweating itself which is logical because it is a deodorant and not an anti-transpirant.

I hope you liked this first installment of Summertime Solutions and be sure to check back next week for a new post!



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