Etos Social Ambassador

As I mentioned last week, I have been selected as one of the 25 Etos employees that will represent Etos as Social Ambassadors. Today I want to tell you more about our first meeting.


The first ambassador conference was two weeks ago in a lovely studio in Amsterdam. I was glad that I could join later on during the social class given by Yara Michels and Emma Peijnenburg. I had to go a fitting for my board suit first and sadly the appointments overlapped. Luckily for me the fitting went incredibly fast and I arrived only half an hour late. Yara and Emma showed us their favourite Instagram tips and tricks and after the crash course they gave us assignments to put our newly learned skills to the test. The result of these assignments are displayed on my Instagram.


Our sweet colleagues, who organised the event, provided every blogger/vlogger with a cute notebook to write down tips and tricks during the master class. I have decided to write down all my blogging ideas in my cute little notebook, pictured above. But that was not all, the entire studio was filled with cute props and plates full of lovely donuts or other nice fingerfoods. There were big coolers filled with fruit infused water and I do not think I have ever felt this important in my life before.


At the end of the event we were all given a goodiebag and an envelope with instructions. The goodiebag contained two of the new Etos make-up products launched especially for this Summer. The first item was the Etos Make-Up Fixing Spray in a limited edition.


The second product was the Etos Rainbow Highlighter. The highlighter contains five different colours and with its vibrant sparkle it is perfect for the festival season. A review of both products will appear later on this week.

I had a great time at the Etos Social Ambassadors event and I got to meet a lot of nice colleagues but also some Etos Friends, who are bloggers/vloggers that do not necessarily work for Etos. It was such a nice introduction to the program and I cannot wait till the first box drops on my front-door step.

I hope you guys liked this post and I hope you will tune in later this week to read my review of both products.



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