NYX Lip Lingerie: Bedtime Flirt

A while back I was unable to controle my spending and splurged on the oh so affordable NYX at my local Douglas. Ever since I got my first eyeshadow palette by this brand I have been absolutely sold on the brand and every month my collection seems to get a little bigger. So today I want to talk to you about the NYX Lip Lingerie in the colour Bedtime Flirt.


After losing my heart to NYX’s Liquid Suede I was very eager to try their Lip Lingerie as well. After looking through the shelves and swatching all the options I finally settled for Bedtime Flirt because it seemed the prettiest fit.


The NYX Lip Lingerie is a liquid lipstick collection, this means that their product looks like a lipgloss but has the finish of a matte lipstick. What I like about liquid lipstick is that you have the ease of application of a lipgloss but the finish and texture of a lipstick. It is, however, important to make sure that your lips are hydrated enough, otherwise the lipstick will crack.


When swatched on the skin, this is what the lipstick looks like. I decided to go with this shade because it is kind of reddish and I try to avoid pinkish shades because of the redness of my hair. The formula is very soft and at first I struggled a bit with the shape of the applicator but after a while you get used to it and it works amazing.


The picture is slightly blurry but this is what the colour looks like on the lips. I really like the colour but I do have to say that I prefer their Liquid Suede formula. The Lip Lingerie is quite dry and very prone to cracking on the lips, I have to make sure that I do not apply too much product and that my lips are hydrated enough for this lipstick to really stand out. Because of this I prefer the Liquid Suede collection, but I do like this line, just not as much as I love the rest of their products.

Do you wear a lot of liquid lipsticks and if so what is your trick to have it looking all nice and neat during the day? I hope you guys liked this post and if you want to see more of me be sure to subscribe either through email or BlogLovin or feel free to follow me on Instagram.



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