Shoplog: Everyone Needs a Good Nude Palette

First of all, my sincerest apologies for not posting anything last week. I feel that every time I post an apology it has to do with me being really busy. The past weeks have been just a little bit more busy than usual. At this point I am getting ready for my board year, following a Creative Writing course and at the same time writing a B.A. Thesis (which means that, fingers crossed, I will finish my English Bachelor this year🎉) . I will be back to posting more once I finish my thesis (which btw has totally ruined Disney movies for me). So today as I am finishing my pre-final Thesis I decided it would be nice to have a distraction in the form of a blogpost.


A while back one of my favourite drugstores (Etos) had these discount stickers and I still had credit on my loyalty card so I decided to treat myself on some make-up. Which means that I paid way less for these products than I was supposed to. I am a sucker for bargains (makes me Dutch I guess).


First of all I decided to get a Revolution palette because I had a discount code for €2,50 off. I can walk around the beauty isle for like hours so before I allowed myself to enter the story I had decided which palette I wanted. I have a lot of different eyeshadow palettes but I only have one really nude palette which has had its best time. I really liked the Revolution Redemption Palette Iconic Elements because it has so many different shades. Revolution is known for creating dupes of very successful palettes at a reasonable price but with very high quality as well. This is why I love this brand and would definitely recommend this brand if you are not familiar with them yet.


With Beautyblender gaining so much ground in the beauty world many brands have tried to copy their succes by creating their own make-up sponges. Now I have to be honest and I do prefer the orange Real Techniques beauty blender over the original one. This was the reason for me to get their new Miracle Diamond Sponge. I will let you know my thoughts in a separate post.


Finally, I got myself a new eyebrow gel because mine was really old and needed replacement. I prefer to use a clear one because I am not that great with doing my brows so better not let me mess that up by using a coloured browgel.

– Revolution palette €7,49
– Real Techniques Miracle Diamond Sponge €12,99
– Etos Brow Gel in Clear €3,99

What I paid in total: €13,50 (or something like that)

I hope you guys liked this post and once again sorry for my absence.



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