Mesmerizing Mermaid Brushes

A while back one of my friends (fellow blogger A Beauty Day) got her hands on one of those unicorn brush sets. I had seen multiple variants of those brushes all over Instagram but the retailers on there charged €30,- most of the times. Because i did not really need those brushes I just let those offers fly by. But her post got me interested, mostly because she got them on Aliexpress which is one of the biggest online markets out there. I decided to give it a shot and to start the search for my beloved brushes.


While I found tens of hundreds of types I also came across mermaid brushes. Since the unicorn trend has been around for quite a while now I decided that I rather wanted the mermaid brushes. This resulted me in searching every digital corner of Aliexpress till I found just the perfect set of brushes. The online shop had so many different combinations and colours that it took what seemed forever for me to decide. After changing the product in my basket four times I settled on the rose gold brushes. This mostly had to do with the combination of brushes in this set. I felt that this lot included the most brushes that I would actually use.


The brushes have plastic handles which are rose gold coloured. The bristles of the brushes are super soft and have gradient colour which starts as pink at the base and end in white tips. The handles contain mermaid shaped relief down the base and end in fishtails finishing the mermaidy-look of the brushes. This particular set contained 10 different brushes. They have sets with 5 brushes as well but the price difference was so minimal that I figured oh heck why not get the 10-piece set.


The set includes four different face brushes. From left to right: A loose powder brush, a buffing brush, a slightly tapered blush brush and a brush that can either be used as a contouring brush or as a flat(tish) foundation brush. I am most curious when it comes to the powder and the blush brush. I do not usually use a buffing brush because of the streakiness it can create.


The set includes 6 smaller brushes, from left to right: a big crease brush, a regular eyeshadow brush, a small detailer brush, an eyeliner brush, a lip brush and a small concealer brush. The crease brush was what got me sold on this set. I do have crease brushes but not one with taller bristles which is why I really liked that they included one in this set. The rest of the brushes are cute and I like the small detailer brush because those are really good for adding the shadows you have used to create an eye-look below the lower lash line for a gradient effect.


Like I mentioned before the bristles are very soft and I love the whole ombré/gradient effect of the brushes. I have not actually tried the brushes. I want to clean them first because at the moment they still have a plasticy smell and I think that with buying things off Aliexpress it might be beneficial to clean the products before usage. Sadly one of the fish-tails on one of my brushes was damaged but I decided to not contact the seller because I received the set extremely quickly.


Most people complain about the shipping time of Aliexpress but I ordered this stunning set on the 16th of May and received them either the 26th of 27th of May (I was in Germany for the weekend). I was extremely satisfied with my order and since this was my first Aliexpress order I am very content with the website. I paid €10,76 for the set and bought them here. They have since raised the price a bit but they are still super affordable.

I will create a look by using only these brushes soon and post them on the blog. I hope you liked this post and be sure to check out the rest of my blog if you loved this post.



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