€10 Challenge: Primark

I have a problem, quite a serious problem which is the hole in my hand… This is why I have decided to try a new challenge the €10 challenge. Every month I will go to a different store to see how much €10 will get me. The only rule that I do have is that I can only buy things which might be useful. I could spend €10 on cotton swabs but that defeats the purpose. This week I start off with one of the stores that I have a love-hate relationship with: Primark. Last week the weather was really good meaning that I was practically melting so I decided to go to Primark to see whether they had some cute shorts. Also I wanted to check out their scented candles because I had heard good things about them.


As I walked through the store I found several cute shorts, sadly for me non of them fit right. I then decided to check-out the sleepwear section of the store. I found a cute pair of sleep shorts there the last time. I figured that if I could not find a normal pair of shorts I could try for a new pair of pj-pants. I found these black and white ones with cute pink ruffles. I could definitely wear them during the day as well.

Price: €3,-


Next I got some scented stick because mine have been gone for quite some time now. I smelled all the candles and finally decided to go with this one. The fragrance Raspberry & Vanilla was the one that I liked the most. The scent is quite sweet and at the moment I have put it in the kitchen since that area needs it more than my room. Especially at such a price I think the value is great.

Price: €1,50


I also decided to get two scented candles which I could use when I am not home for that long. I do not like the idea of wasting my Yankee Candle for such short periods of time. Besides the packaging is super cute! I went with Sea Salt & Lavender which is really nice and Madagascan Vanilla which is a sweeter and more subtle scent. I have only lit the No. 4 and I could not really tell it was on but I am battling a cold at the moment so at this point it is too early to pass a judgement.

Price: €1,- each


When I saw this gadget a little while ago I was really curious to try it out. At the time I did not have a lot of money so I figured I would come across it at some point. When I tried it it did not seem too work, it slid right off of the top. But maybe it would have helped if I would wrap the cord around the thing itself. I will try and see if that works.

Price: €2,50


Finally, I had been looking for a smaller wallet for quite some time now. Now when I go out I just dump the money straight into my purse but experience has show that this is quite inconvenient (expect for when I am broke, I will just go through my clubbing clutch and mysteriously find money, not always in the right currency though). So as I was walking through the Primark my eye fell on their sale section where they had these cute wallets. I figured it would be big enough for the things that I would need in there and while it was not the most appealing wallet it really did not cost too much. I have tried and tested it and I’m really happy with my tiny wallet.

Price: sale from €3,- to €1,-

I hope you guys liked this post, feel free to let me know in the comments if you want to read more posts like these or if not. If you have not had the time yet be sure to check out yesterday’s post which contained my vacay photos from visiting my friend in England.



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