NYX Ombre Blush: Strictly Chic

A while ago I went to check-out the new NYX counter at my local Douglas. I had always been a fan of NYX but before it was quite hard to get your hands on the entire range of products they had to offer. One of the first things I noticed were their ombre blushes, at the time they did not have the one that I wanted (which is the one pictured below Strictly Chic) so I bought Mauve Me. Flash forward to a few weeks later when the peachy blush was back in stock, I just knew I had to get it.


The blush comes in a square box that works with the colours of the blush. On the front it shows the compact and the colour of the blush. I don’t think the packaging is that special but it will do.


The compact itself is a black circle with white letters, again they have kept the packaging very simple. I think they were aiming for a chic and clean look and I do think that they’ve achieved that. The compact contains a mirror and is quite a big size. To me it does feel like you get your money’s worth (beside the fact that NYX is absolutely affordable). The only down-side to the packaging is the fact that the compact-lid does not move past a 90 degree angle because I like angling the mirror a bit more. It’s a minor thing.


The blush itself is a combination of peach and orange which gives a very natural colour once applied. I love the idea behind the ombre blushes because it gives us as a consumer a bit more to experiment with. Rather than having just one colour you get to experiment a bit more and choose the intensity. Most of the times I’ll just swirl my brush through the entire pan. In my opinion that gives the nicest effect.

While the blush looks quite heavy the effect is really pretty and quite natural. I would definitely recommend this blush for a nice every day look. I’ll review Mauve Me soon as well because I do think that you should at least own one of these incredible blushes. The blush retails at €11,12 (which is quite an odd price if you ask me) and can be bought at most Douglas stores.

I hope you guys liked this review, have you tried any of NYX’s ombre blushes and if so what did you think?



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