Shoplog: “I need a purple concealer”

One thing I realised after landing back on Dutch ground was that the circles under my eyes really could not have been any darker. After a week full of fun activities and no more than four hours of sleep a night my skin could not have been any paler. My tiredness decided that this was the perfect time for my face to show just how tired I was. The bags under my eyes could have been spotted from the moon so I decided that I wanted to get a purple concealer to get those bags covered-up. Sadly I am absolutely terrible at just getting one thing so I then ended up buying a whole lot more (not everything is pictured).


Let me start with the thing I actually wanted/needed (if my mom reads this post she will laugh at me). I bought two other NYX concealers last month and I was pretty satisfied with those so I decided to get the lavender one from their brand as well. I will write a review on these concealers soon so be sure to keep up with the blog for that post (or follow me on Bloglovin here). The reason why I got the purple one is that purple is supposed to lighten up dull/dark skin (you could use orange as well however, to me personally that is a little too bright). I got it at Douglas for €7,31.


What drove me over the edge and got me to buy more than just the concealer was the fact that M.A.C. had 21% off all of their products. This is quite rare in my country so I decided to take a look and see if there was anything which I had been dying to try but not yet had bought. This brought me to the M.A.C. Prep + Prime Fix + fixing spray. Normally this product retails for €17,50 but I got it for €13,32. I have heard a lot of good things about this product and while I am very satisfied with the ones I have used so far but I wanted to give this bad boy a try.


Now that I already broke my promise to not buy anything more than the concealer I thought let’s just look around a little more. I than ran into a bowl filled with these quite sheetmasks, they had different options but this one popped out. I got the Origins Flower Fusion Raspberry sheetmask becaus I had bought the Garnier one the week before that and I decided it might be fun to try different ones out for Putting it to the Test. At this point I have only tried one but I will keep trying and will let you know the results when they have all been tested. This mask cost me €5,-.


Which led me to buying another sheetmask. I bought this Face Love Active Charcoal sheet mask because it had a cute pattern. Douglas sells a bunch different animal faces but I went with this one because it contains active charcoal. Active charcoal is supposed to deeply clean your skin and that is what drew me to this specific one. This one costs €4,95.


Finally, I went to a drugstore because I needed a new glass screen protector for my iPhone. They had been out of them for a little while and I refuse to pay more than €3,- so I always go to the drugstore and get one (I have already cracked this one as well… so much for tempered unbreakable glass…). While there I noticed a deal where you would get a water bottle with fruit infusion if you would buy two products from Unilever. I decided that it would be cheaper than buying the bottle itself so I started looking around the store. I got this Dove Nourishing Secrets Invigorating Body Wash with avocado in it because it was a new product and one of the few Dove products (beside the original ones) of which I like the scent. I also got a small container of Dove Rich Nourishment Cream. It is just one of those products which you can never have too much of.


I did end up going back to Douglas later that week and treated myself to M.A.C. matte lipstick in the colour Mehr (they still had the 21% sale, can you blame me?). I also got a lip pencil to go with it: NYX Lip Liner in the colour 858 Nude Pink. Finally, I visited Kiko and got my hands on their lash enhancing mascara. I am weak, I know! I hope you liked this post and be sure to check back next week because Solo Sunday will be back (at least for once).



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