Shoplog: Bought in Budapest

I have been back now from Budapest for a little over a week and with the first week of classes having finished, I felt it would be time to finally post my little Budapest shoplog. I did not buy a lot of things while I was over there which mostly had to do with the fact that not only did I not have a lot of money but also because I was organizing this trip for 34 others I did not have a lot of spare time. While over there one of my friends spotted a DM (a German drugstore) on the first day and ever since we had been discussing how we had to visit one while we were there. Sadly the only time that we got into one was when the store was apparently already closed and we were not supposed to be inside (my bad).


So when on Friday we had some free time to spare before going out to eat with everyone we decided to go look for a DM. Fate was not on our side that day and while running into DM after DM that week we did not find one that day. We did find a Müller which is another German drugstore. My goal was to get some little things which I was not yet able to get my hands on in the Netherlands and I was pretty successful.


As you may know I have been trying out a ton of different masks in the past few months. While Garnier had already launched one of their sheetmasks in the Netherlands this one was not among them. This sheetmask is designed for the sensitive skin. I do not think that my skin is particularly sensitive however, because I like to paint my face at times I like to keep the rest of my products more natural at times to avoid pestering my skin too much. I have been blessed with great skin but that does not mean I should bother it whenever I see fit.


While in Budapest I had my fake Tangle Teezer by Zenner with me. Due to traveling and even extensive use before that the brush started to look rather rough. The bristles were bending and it just looked like it was time for a new one. The store also had quite a big assortment of Tangle Teezers. I have heard so many great things about them and being so satisfied with my fake one I thought to myself, why not get a real one? Another excuse was the fact that they were €0,30 cheaper in Hungary than in the Netherlands (I know I can make up weird excuses).


I decided to go with the Disney princess edition because it was priced the same yet the brush was sparkly pink and you got these stickers to customise it to your satisfaction. I decided to go with the Ariel sticker on the lower half of the brush and the little crown right above the logo. I am still very happy with my brush and would definitely recommend it to people, who like me have very thick hair.


I also got this EOS lip balm with spf 15, one reason was the price (which again was cheaper than in the Netherlands) but also because I have been obsessed with EOS since I lived in the United States and these little globes were all the rage.


I decided to go with this one because I had not yet spotted this flavor yet in the Netherlands and I liked the fact that it also provided some protection for my lips without the consistency becoming too thick. The smell reminds me of ice cream and I’m glad that I got this Summer edition.


Finally I got something non-beauty related. I always make sure I have earplugs with me when I travel and sleeping in the room with four other girls who each had to take shifts every night they proved to be very useful. What I like about these ones is that rather than going into your ear they shut off the outside. The silicon lets you shape them to fit the inside of your ear and once their in everything in the background becomes vague.

I hope you guys liked my little shoplog and I am curious if you are familiar with any of the products. I will probably post another shoplog today but this time it will feature products I got once I got back.



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