Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Hoola

So today it is time for the final installment of the Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade reviews. I have covered four of the five already but I figured I would save Benefit’s most popular bronzer till last. This means that today’s post will be about the fan-favourite Hoola.


A little while back Benefit launched a miniature version of their most sold bronzer, HoolaHoola was the product that made me aware of Benefit as a brand. Okay maybe it was their Yes They’re Real mascara but at that time I did not realise that Benefit was that big of a brand yet. If you are a regular visitor of my blog you will know my struggle with finding the right contour shade. If my life would be turned into a movie it would be called: Fifty shades of too pale. This is why I never got myself to buy the full-sized Hoola.


As you can tell from the picture above Hoola is quite a warm and deep bronzer. When I got my hands on the miniature version I was not too sure. I cannot say that it is my favourite shade and because I am still no hero when it comes to contouring, I do not use it that often. I do not think that there is anything wrong with Hoola it is a nice soft powder but until I improve my contour skills, I might just stick to Hoola Lite for now.


I do feel that Hoola like Galifornia is good for building up colour so you can get that bronzer as intense as you want it. I also think that finding the perfect contour shade is a trail and error kind of thing. You just got to try until you find one that works for you. What I love about this palette is the fact that all these products made me question whether I would splurge €33,- on each and every one of them, but now I have them all in full-size for €59,95.

I hope you guys liked this week of posting review of this palette and I am curious do you own Hoola and if so what are your thoughts?



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