Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Rockateur

I can see you thinking ‘Was this girl not going to post every day this week?’ Yes, I was however, yesterday was extremely tiring and as soon as I got home I pretty much fell asleep. So my sincerest apologies but sometimes life happens. Welcome back for the third day of this Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade review. Each day I dedicate one of my blogposts to one of the full-sized blushes/bronzers in this beautiful Benefit palette. If you have missed one of the previous ones, click here for my review of Hoola Lite and here for yesterday’s post on Galifornia. So today will be dedicated to the lovely shimmery blush Rockateur. It feels as if Rockateur is the underdog of the Benefit blushes which is why I was all the more excited to try it out.


When I would visit my local Douglas I would always see Rockateur in the line-up and realize how beautiful it was but also how I would not spend €33,- on one single blush. Especially because most of the Benefit blushes tend to have some sort of pink in them. But now that it was in this palette I got really excited because I do believe that Rockateur deserves more credit than it gets.


It is a nice kind of old pink blush. At first the blush seems very glitterly but once I started swatching the blush it turned out this was a spray-over as well. I think you can actually tell from the picture above. But I still do like this blush the most.

The reason why I like Rockateur the best has to do with the fact that its colour to me feels the most natural. Galifornia can be really bright and Dandelion is quite pink. So if you’re looking for a more natural blush and was unable to get your hands on the Cheek parade I would recommend the beautiful Rockateur.

Because I was a day late be sure to check back later today for a review of Dandelion. I hope you guys liked this review and as always I would love to know what you think of Rockateur.



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