Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Galifornia

Yesterday I reviewed the brand new Hoola Lite as part of this week’s celebration of the new Benefit Cheek Parade palette. So up today is the also quite new Galifornia blush! I fell in love with the packaging as soon as my Instagram feed started to fill up with this beautiful blush. At first I was a bit scared that even though it is a stunning colour, it would not be for me due to the colour of my hair.


As you can tell from the picture below Galifornia is a nice combination of a pink and coral coloured blush. On all the promotional pictures you can see that Galifornia has a golden glow, sadly this is a spray-over which means that, as you can see below, after swiping the powder twice with your brush it is gone. While I personally think it is still a nice blush I feel that it is unnecessary to add a golden spray-over, if you’re going to add gold, do it throughout the entire product.


Like I mentioned before I was scared that Galifornia would be too pink for me or just not fit with my hair colour (while I love my red hair to bits, it does make it does restrict me at times in choosing which colours to wear, I miss my pink). To my surprise this was no problem at all. If you look at the picture below you can barely tell that I am wearing Galifornia. Does that mean that the blush is not pigmented? No, I just think that it is very buildable. I made sure that I had just a little amount on my brush especially to avoid looking too pinkish on the cheeks. So I definitely think that this is a blush that can work for many different skin tones and hair colours.


I am very happy with how Galifornia turned out and I think that is also the benefit (no pun intended) of buying a palette which contains multiple full-sized products for the price of only two. When you do not happen to like a colour (spoiler there is going to be one blush which I am not too happy about) you still get four other beautiful very workable colours.


I hope you guys liked this second post and I would of course love to know whether you have tried Galifornia yet and if so what are your experiences? Tomorrow will be dedicated to Rockateur.



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