Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade: Hoola Lite

Last week when I got my hands on the Benefit Beauty & the Beat Cheek Parade palette I promised that I would write a review of every single product in the palette. What made me want this palette the most was the fact that they included the brand-new Hoola Lite. Because of this it seems only fitting to start off this week of Benefit by reviewing this bronzer first.


Hoola Lite was created as a response to the demand for a lighter bronzer. I have a miniature version of the original Hoola. Some days it would work for me and at other days it would just look too dark. So when Hoola Lite was announced I got really excited.


Hoola Lite is the second of the two bronzers included in this cheek palette by Benefit. The powder comes in full-size and has the same soft texture I was used to from using the original Hoola.


Not only is Hoola Lite a much lighter shade, the tone is also cooler. Considering my extremely pale skin I was really excited about this. I feel as if Hoola Lite corresponds much better with my original skin tone.


As you can tell from the above swatches, Hoola Lite differs a whole lot from the OG one. I do feel that Hoola Lite for me personally is not as good as a contour shade. I will use Hoola Lite as a regular bronzer or on the days that I just need a little bit more colour in the face. I am still very content with this bronzer!

Have you tried Hoola Lite yet and if so what are your thoughts? Be sure to check back tomorrow for a review of Galifornia.




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