Shoplog #4 I Lack Self-Controle

As I am writing this I have finally finished the hell that was my final assignment for this block. The only time that I have dreaded an assignment like this before was when I had to write a paper on television genres and it felt like I had literally landed in hell. Luckily for me when I come home I will be comforted by the fact that I have treated myself to some new make-up. This Monday was payday and since I lack obvious self-control I went on a “little” shopping spree. It started at home with a plane-ticket to visit my best friend who is currently taking courses at the University of Birmingham. After receiving my new bag (which I had also ordered) I went to city centre to turn in my final paper for my Translation course and afterwards headed straight for the Douglas.


Benefit came out with their Cheek Parade palette a week ago and I thought that I would have plenty of time to get my hands on one considering the price (€59,90) but boy was I wrong. The big Douglas I visited first was completely out of stock, they had received only eleven palettes which sold out in a blink of an eye. The girl called the nearest franchise and luckily for me they still had two in stock. So as of Monday I can call myself the proud owner of the Benefit Cheek Parade palette. Last year I really doubted whether to get the Cheek-a-ton palette Benefit launched because most of the products included did not seem to fit my skin. But this year Benefit came out with Hoola Lite and as they included it in this palette I was brought abridge to buy one. If you are interested in my reviews of the individual products be sure to check back next week for Benefit week in which I will review one of the five products each day.



Next I got my hands on the NYX Lip Lingerie in Bedtime Flirt. I am a firm believer of picking lipsticks that match your personality and given the colour and name of this liquid lipstick I could not resist buying it. I love NYX and the fact that their brand is cruelty free makes it all the better. Their formula is so soft and non-cracking that I do not have to worry about cracked liquid lipstick or Sahara-dry lips. I will be sure to review this one soon as well.


I had also heard a lot good stories about NYX‘s concealers which is why I got my hands on these two. I thank God every day for the person who developed concealer because especially since I have been going to uni I cannot live without concealer. My ever so pale skin is no expert in hiding my tiredness and the bags under my eyes love to draw attention to themselves. Sadly, they did not have the lightest colour in stock anymore but after swatching in No. 2 I was convinced that that would do as well. I got the green one (No. 12) because of the redness that likes to pop-up above my eyebrows and next to my nose.


Finally, I got my hands on another NYX Ombre Blush. This colour was the one that I originally wanted but sadly they were out of stock the last time I was there. So when I went back last Monday and saw it was back in stock I had to have it. I am so content with these blushes, they are pretty, pigmented and look awesome with on my skin! I will be writing a review on the both of them pretty soon because I feel as though everyone needs to know about these blushes.


I hope you guys liked this shoplog. Did you manage to get your hands on the Cheek Parade palette and what colour review are you most excited about? Let me know!



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