Room for Thought: Can You Not?

Remember me bragging about how I was going to the gym three times a week? Yeah so that kind of backfired last week. I only managed to go once and even that time was not as active as it should have been (read: I stuck to my crosstrainer as usual). So yesterday I decided that I needed to get my shit together and work out again or soon I would be waving all of my progress goodbye. I signed up for a Zumba class and as soon as we reached the second song I regretted this choice with all my heart. Luckily for me I survived and lived to tell the tale. When I finally got the energy to move my ass from the dressingroom and go home I overheard a brief conversation. Two guys just walked out of the weightsroom and passed a employee who was enjoying a salad which apparently contained couscous. So the one guy says: “Oh a chicken salad nice, just skip the couscous that stuff makes you fat.” The employee replied swiftly with: “No it does not, that’s a myth, carbs are good for you.” Meanwhile I was (once again) unable to controle my facial expression and my neutral face switched to annoyed in a split second…


The poor guy already had to have dinner at work and then some smart aleck, who probably spends entire days bragging about the protein shakes he uses, decides to give him unsolicited advice. So when I walked past the guy I told him to enjoy his meal and wished him a pleasant night. Can we stop telling people what to eat and what not? I am by no means a nutritionist nor do I have any expert knowledge considering bio products or what all. I am aware that athletes and people that train a lot benefit from certain food regime and that is fine. But please for heaven’s sake let us not treat our bodies like prisons.

Would I consider myself really healthy? No. I would not say that I am very unhealthy either my problem is snacking but then again is that not everyone’s issue? I do not believe in restricting myself when it comes to food. I frown when people tell me that they avoid potatoes or bread or dairy or what all. I will not replace my cow-milk with a type that is based on almonds (if it ever comes to this it will be because of the calves that get separated from their mothers not because of what it does to my body). I do not think that flour is the devil and I will not base my diet on avocados. I do not want to look back on my life and think about all the things that frustrated me because my diet was so strict.

I know that healthy does not equal nasty, there are a lot of healthy options for unhealthy food products. That still does not convince me to stop eating a brownie every once in a while. Like I mentioned before I work out to deal with my unhealthy choices regarding food. Every food group has their disadvantages. What I think is the most important is that you enjoy eating, that it does not start to feel like a punishment. So if you enjoy eating only bio-produce and creating everything from scratch then you do you! If you like me indulge in brownies and pizzas every once in a while then you do you too! As long as you are healthy and happy it should not matter whether you enjoy couscous or not. But for the love of all that is good let’s all stop telling others what to eat and what not (unless of course you are someone’s GP or a hired nutritionist).



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