Shoplog #3 Nice Weather = Spending Money

The last week has been quite eventful as well as stressful which is why I have not really had the opportunity, up until today, to post anything. However, it does not mean that I did not have any new posts lined up. A few weeks back the weather was really great and while I had managed to delay a translation which I had to turn in for such a long time that I actually became ill due to the lack of sleep, my nose piercing decided to call it quits. The little ball that is screwed on top decided that it had had enough en dropped onto my carpet as I was cleaning it. This resulted in me speeding to the piercingshop as fast as I could while looking cross-eyed pretty much the entire way there (I was checking if the rest of my piercing was still there). Afterwards I turned in my assignment and decided that it was time for a little shopping.


I was running out of cotton buds because of the cleaning ritual of my nose piercing but soon my visit to the Etos resulted in a little more than just cotton buds.

I did actually need new shampoo and conditioner because mine were running out and the L’Oréal Elvive Color-Vive is the only shampoo and conditioner designed for coloured hair that will not leave my hair greasy. A while back L’Oréal came out with their Low Shampoo which is supposed to be more natural and thus better for your hair. I think that I have done enough to my hair so I like to keep my hair products quite natural. The Elvive Extraordinary Oil masks I got because I needed one more stamp in order to get a cute Essie kit which I will show later on.


The same store had a 1+1 discount on their mascaras and I knew that my L’Oréal Miss Hippie mascara was close to being finished so I got me a new one and while the Maybelline Push-Up Angel has been marketed quite some time it finally launched in the Netherlands. I own the regular mascara (I cannot recall the name at the moment) which I thought was too clumpy, the brush gave off way too much product. Which is why I was excited to try this one.


Now this purchase was not planned. I came across this Eco Tools Limited Edition Anniversary Collection online and I did not thing too much of it but when I saw it in the store I was sold. Eco Tools is the brand which my first foundation brush was from and I had always been so happy with it that getting this set was pure nostalgia to me. It comes with five brushes and I have already used it quite a lot because the case makes it perfect for traveling.


Finally, I got this #EssieLove bag from the Etos which you had to save stamps for, the retail value €38,- but I got it for free because I had enough stamps. There were four colour combo’s all incredibly beautiful but I chose these two colours because they are the most sophisticated. The white thingy on the right lets you put in a nailpolish and then put two fingers through the holes to prevent you from spilling polish while polishing your nails. They also included a glass vile which are my personal favourites and they are also the best option for your nails.


They largely extended the NYX stock at my local Douglas so it was time for me to check that out. First I got this Ombre Blush in the colour Mauve if I am not mistaken because while the other options were really pretty, most of them were also pretty bold and with my ever so fair complexion I like to keep my blush natural. I also liked how the blush has a gradient and you get to mix two colours.


Finally, I got the NYX Epic Black Mousse Liner because I wanted to try a new liner with the hopes that I could finally get that sharp liner that I have been dreaming of! At this stage I am still very much trying it out because it is quite different from my liquid liners.

I hope you guys liked this post and I will try to post more next week. So for now enjoy your Sunday!


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