Well Hello Sun

Well is today not just a perfect day? Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing in a local pub as part of an activity organised by my study association. I somehow managed to forget my lines as soon as we reached the second verse, I really do not understand how it happened but I just laughed and laughed and after someone saved me by providing me with the lyrics on their phone I just went with it. When I woke up this morning I felt pretty bad. I had not had that much sleep and also managed to have a terrifying nightmare. Yet when I walked to my regular Body Shape class my entire mood changed.


The sun was shining, wearing my gym legging and thin jacket was enough and everything just seemed so much happier. Today is quite important in my country because today we get to vote! So after my class I moved my ass to the nearest voting station and made sure that my voice counted. The weather was so good that I decided that while I needed to get a ton of stuff done, home was just not the right place for it. Right across from my gym and 3 minutes away from my house there is a Bagels & Beans which I love for when I need to do stuff but I just do not want to be around the house.


So I sat my laptop in the window seat, ordered a nice big cappuccino and got started. Having realised that I had not yet eaten lunch I ordered a bagel with mozzarella, pesto, pine nuts and basil. It was sooo good, I am not even exaggerating. While I was quite sad that I am still not allowed to sit directly in the sun (because of the nose piercing) feeling the sun on my skin through the window still made my day.

Sadly I know that as soon as I look in the mirror I will be covered in freckles but for once it will not matter because what is most important is that Spring is well on its way. When it does get here I will be there to embrace her with open arms.



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