Fitspiration? More like Fitfrustration

As I am writing this I have just returned from the gym (I also managed to almost throw myself off the stairs in the gym because I got caught in my sweatpants…). Now we are slowly nearing Spring which means that everyone is more focused than ever on getting a beach body. I am a firm believer of the fact that every body is a beach body but the ever so confronting thought that I am only 21 years old and find myself entirely exhausted after running up one flight of stairs does motivate me to get my lazy ass in gear.


Literally the only pictures I have of myself coming even close to working out are on horseback

Now what frustrates me most is the fact that it takes forever to see the progress. I am the type of girl who will go to the gym five times a week and then brag about that for the coming three weeks. I also manage to use it as an excuse to pardon myself from going for like two months “‘Cause remember that one time I went five times in one week?” I have these fit outbursts, I think that comes closest to describing my problem. I will be extremely motivated for about three weeks and then excuse after excuse starts pilling up and soon I catch myself binge watching Netflix clinging to a bag of chips after having already devoured a chocolate bar… It is not even as if that one time I did go five times in one week that I spend the entire week working hard. No, I am absolutely terrified of embarrassing myself in front of others. I also managed to pick the worst gym of all… I swear there are no ugly nor none-fit people beside myself. Even the older women are ripped. On one hand it is motivating and I find myself looking up to these women. On the other hand it results in me just sticking to the crosstrainer because I am too embarrassed to even try to lift weights. Every once in a while the staff will try to persuade me into joining their circuit and when this does happen I just laugh and thank them for the offer.


The problem with me is just that I am really clumsy and by focussing so much on my clumsiness I manage to almost throw myself off the crosstrainer each time. I do not know if you have ever heard of Kayla Itsines but she is a fitness guru from Australia (with Greek roots) and she has designed a beach body workout. Now I do not have the money or the time to stick to her exercises but I do follow her on Instagram and she is just so motivating. Her approach is a humane one, she does not pretend that she never craves unhealthy food or that she does not eat pizza. Instead she focusses on how to focus on the good and to let yourself have that pizza every once in a while. Her goal is to be happy and being fit ties in with this idea because being healthy helps with feeling happy (this has been proven). So after being confronted for the hunderdth time with one of her many motivational Instagram posts I decided that it was time to get out off bed and start working out.

I think the key to working out more is to find something that suits you. If you hate running do not force yourself to jog every morning, instead find something that does give you energy. Because I am terrified of dropping weights and such while working out (this has to do with the ever so traumatic experience I have with having to weight lift in the US because they basically forced me on the basketball team due to my height) I realised that the right approach for me is to participate in a lot of groupclasses. That way you are instructed so in the case you are doing something wrong someone who knows their stuff comes and helps you. The people who participate in those classes to me are also less intimidating than the fitboys that workout in the regular workout areas. So personally I try to workout on Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. On Wednesday and Friday I participate in a Body Shape which focusses on both cardio and strength so you get a full body workout. Those classes are very fulfilling and once again I like the fact that you are being coached without having to spend a ton of money on personal training. On Sunday I take a Body Pump and Body Balance class (sadly the open spots for these classes are gone in a blink of an eye which is frustrating) the pump class focusses on strength and is all about weights with a lot of stretching in between. Afterwards I can barely move my body but I do like to take the balance class in order to stretch my muscles and work on my stiffness (this girl cannot reach her toes).

Who knows, maybe I will give up in a month, maybe not. What I think is most important is that you the things that make you happy and for me that is linked with being in better shape and feeling better in my body. I have never minded my curves it would just be great if not everything would be so jiggly and when my thighs would actually be smaller than my hips instead of the other way around. Secretly I also work out so I can still eat like I always have (just a little more healthy). I have never been skinny and I do not aspire to be I just like the idea of getting stronger and more energized.

Do you workout and if so what do you like to do. Oh and most importantly does anyone have any recommendations for leggings that do not drop after every squat? Still looking for the perfect pair *stares dramatically off in the distance*.



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