Why my Dad Will no Longer Let me in the House and my Mom Fears for my Ears

Every little girl has dreams and while I was no different as a child my dreams did go all over the place. As soon as I realised that Disney would not conform it’s plastic princess slippers to the size of girls with humongous feet (represent!) I let those dreams fly out of the window. I then discovered an entirely new world made-up of Avril Lavigne and P!nk and soon my dreams reached to the other side of the spectrum. At the young age of 6 I had decided that older me would have pink hair and a pierced nose. If you would ask my father what he thought about those plans he would probably tell you that I would set myself up for a slutty future.


Flashback to a few months ago when my father asked me what I wanted as a gift for my birthday. Little did I know that I would give the old man a heart-attack when I told him I wanted to get my nose pierced. While I realised that the combo of pink hair and a nose piercing might be a little much for me personally and settled for red hair, the dream of getting my nose pierced was still very much there in the back of my mind. My old man proceeded to ignore me for the remaining hours he spend working on my bicycle. When my stepmother came home from work we had a good laugh. She agreed that my father was overreacting. I reminded my dad that we had never had the type of bond where he would tell me what I could and could not do “So let’s not start now.” Do not get me wrong I respect my parents an awful lot, I did not drink until I was at a legal age (which for me was 16 and even then I spend most of that year living in the US where the drinking age is 21 and I was afraid to death that I would get kicked out off the country), I have never done drugs, I do not smoke and I am currently enrolled in two BA programs… they could have done worse.

On the other hand, I live on my own, I am 21 years old so I believe that I am perfectly capable of making my own decisions. While getting the actual piercing was quite impulsive (same goes for my tattoo) I had considered the idea for quite a long time already (I mean 15 years is quite a long time). Even with my tattoo I came up with the quote only to have a year pass before I actually made the design which was followed by two more years before I actually went to get it tattooed. Point being, I do not regret the choices I have made and I just know that I make these decisions impulsively but yet they are well considered. Having my parents as my parents does feel like winning the lottery at times. While my dad did not seem too happy with my decision when I called him, I do know he loves me unconditionally. When I told my mother the news she joked when the gages in my ears would appear. Luckily for her I am absolutely terrified of those holes in people’s ears, but for real though, I mean you do you but I literally get a little light in the head when I see someone with gages that are open to look through. In conclusion, they love me for me and support the choices I make because they trust me.

So yesterday after I had lunch with one of my high school friends I thought you know what, I am just going to do it. Sadly it does not work that way and I actually had to wait in line for over an hour. I did spend this time socializing with the other women waiting to get pierced and we discussed what they were getting and why and such. The piercing itself did hurt quite a bit and my left eye started tearing-up pretty bad (for some reason your tearducts run through your nose). I did feel pretty badass afterwards. Here was this young woman getting pierced who has a face that gets reminded of it’s youngish features every so often and has freckles for days as soon as the sun decides to come around for just a few moments. Nothing has changed really though, this Summer I will just be the girl with the babyface full of freckles who now has red hair, a tattoo and a piece of metal in her nose.



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