Wednesday Reviews #13 I❤️ Makeup Bronze and Glow

Two Tuesdays ago the weather was dark and after quite a heavy conversation I decided to explore a part of town I do not usually find myself wandering around in. I found a drugstore which I cannot find anywhere near where I live so I decided to go in and look around. A while back I got my hands on the I Heart Makeup Chocolate – Golden Bar. The same store sold the Bronze and Glow palette as well however because I was holding the I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart and getting all of them was just simply too much. So when I came across the contouring palette while being at the other side of town and considering how I felt I decided to treat myself.


I have always been a sucker for chocolate-shaped make-up (I own four chocolate related products now I think?). The packaging reflects this and through the cut-out in the middle you can see the palette itself.


The palette itself is not that big and has golden pieces of chocolate that melt. It is the smaller version of the I Heart Makeup Golden Bar Palette. The thing with palettes that have 3D effects is that I cannot stop fumbling with them (call me crazy). I think the palette looks incredibly cute and that is what drew me to it as well.


Inside the palette the lid holds a mirror which (as you may know if you have been following my blog for a while now) for me is a big plus! The melting chocolate theme is also pressed in the powders. The highlighting compartment is bigger which I love. In my Sleek contour palette it is the other way around and because I use the highlighter way more often the pan shows while the contour powder looks untouched.


Above you can see the swatches. They are not as visible which has to do with the photo but also with the pigmentation which is not extremely high. I do think that for this price (€4,99) it is a neat palette. If you are into more intense contouring shades I would not recommend this product but for my pale skin it is perfect.

I hoped you liked my review and I would love to know what your experience with I Heart Makeup is.




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