Why I am more like Bridget Jones than I Care to Admit

When your parents get divorced you often go through a rough period. Memories of that period are often more negative than positive and my experience has not been any different. One of the good memories that I do have is watching Bridget Jones with my father his girlfriend (now wife) and always realising that my life would probably run a similar course (eleven year old Nica was already very aware of her personality). So today I thought it would be time to write down why my life is so similar to hers. Here we go!


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Room for Thought: Can You Not?

Remember me bragging about how I was going to the gym three times a week? Yeah so that kind of backfired last week. I only managed to go once and even that time was not as active as it should have been (read: I stuck to my crosstrainer as usual). So yesterday I decided that I needed to get my shit together and work out again or soon I would be waving all of my progress goodbye. I signed up for a Zumba class and as soon as we reached the second song I regretted this choice with all my heart. Luckily for me I survived and lived to tell the tale. When I finally got the energy to move my ass from the dressingroom and go home I overheard a brief conversation. Two guys just walked out of the weightsroom and passed a employee who was enjoying a salad which apparently contained couscous. So the one guy says: “Oh a chicken salad nice, just skip the couscous that stuff makes you fat.” The employee replied swiftly with: “No it does not, that’s a myth, carbs are good for you.” Meanwhile I was (once again) unable to controle my facial expression and my neutral face switched to annoyed in a split second…

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Shoplog #3 Nice Weather = Spending Money

The last week has been quite eventful as well as stressful which is why I have not really had the opportunity, up until today, to post anything. However, it does not mean that I did not have any new posts lined up. A few weeks back the weather was really great and while I had managed to delay a translation which I had to turn in for such a long time that I actually became ill due to the lack of sleep, my nose piercing decided to call it quits. The little ball that is screwed on top decided that it had had enough en dropped onto my carpet as I was cleaning it. This resulted in me speeding to the piercingshop as fast as I could while looking cross-eyed pretty much the entire way there (I was checking if the rest of my piercing was still there). Afterwards I turned in my assignment and decided that it was time for a little shopping.


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Well Hello Sun

Well is today not just a perfect day? Yesterday I had the pleasure of singing in a local pub as part of an activity organised by my study association. I somehow managed to forget my lines as soon as we reached the second verse, I really do not understand how it happened but I just laughed and laughed and after someone saved me by providing me with the lyrics on their phone I just went with it. When I woke up this morning I felt pretty bad. I had not had that much sleep and also managed to have a terrifying nightmare. Yet when I walked to my regular Body Shape class my entire mood changed.


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Fitspiration? More like Fitfrustration

As I am writing this I have just returned from the gym (I also managed to almost throw myself off the stairs in the gym because I got caught in my sweatpants…). Now we are slowly nearing Spring which means that everyone is more focused than ever on getting a beach body. I am a firm believer of the fact that every body is a beach body but the ever so confronting thought that I am only 21 years old and find myself entirely exhausted after running up one flight of stairs does motivate me to get my lazy ass in gear.


Literally the only pictures I have of myself coming even close to working out are on horseback

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Why my Dad Will no Longer Let me in the House and my Mom Fears for my Ears

Every little girl has dreams and while I was no different as a child my dreams did go all over the place. As soon as I realised that Disney would not conform it’s plastic princess slippers to the size of girls with humongous feet (represent!) I let those dreams fly out of the window. I then discovered an entirely new world made-up of Avril Lavigne and P!nk and soon my dreams reached to the other side of the spectrum. At the young age of 6 I had decided that older me would have pink hair and a pierced nose. If you would ask my father what he thought about those plans he would probably tell you that I would set myself up for a slutty future.


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Winterskin Wonders

The cold is slowly passing and as I am writing this I can see the sun shining through my window. Winter (and the period as it comes to an end) for me marks a time where I am battling dryness on every aspect. With all the wind (and the fact that I dye my hair) my hair gets dry and the split-ends seem to double every second. My legs bear incredible resemblance to the driest desert (cracks and all) and my face is just not as elastic as I would like it to be. Luckily for us we are alive in a time where all these incredible people have invented several options to battle these dry spots. So today I want to share with you my favourite products to battle winterskin.


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Putting it to the Test: Cheap Foundations

Every morning the first thing that I do is turn off the airplane mode of my iPhone and scroll through my Instagram feed. I follow quite a number of beautyb/vloggers and make-up brands so every morning I am confronted with the most beautiful (new) make-up looks and products. Sadly for me my bank account does not contain a six-figure number nor does my student status help my financial independence. I am obviously not the only make-up lover who struggles with these things. So for today’s post I tried three cheap foundations.


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Wednesday Reviews #13 I❤️ Makeup Bronze and Glow

Two Tuesdays ago the weather was dark and after quite a heavy conversation I decided to explore a part of town I do not usually find myself wandering around in. I found a drugstore which I cannot find anywhere near where I live so I decided to go in and look around. A while back I got my hands on the I Heart Makeup Chocolate – Golden Bar. The same store sold the Bronze and Glow palette as well however because I was holding the I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart and getting all of them was just simply too much. So when I came across the contouring palette while being at the other side of town and considering how I felt I decided to treat myself.


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