Wednesday Reviews #14 Skinlite Sheetmasks

It was Sunday afternoon, I had just taken two fitness classes in the morning (my body was not as happy with the decision) and after having a nice big breakfast I decided it was time for a nice relaxing moment. I had bought two face masks on the same day as the Revolution ShoplogIf you have been on this blog before you know that I love face masks. I had never used a sheet mask before but had read a lot about them. So when I came across these two I decided that it would be nice to finally try them.


The masks are wrapped individually and at first it felt a little weird. I could clearly feel the liquid inside the packaging. This made me worry about how messy it was going to be. The masks came in two options: Aloe and Lavender. I got them both but I have to say I was most excited about the Aloe one. Aloe is supposed to have healing properties and my skin gets quite red at times. So I tried the Aloe Vera mask first.

Now, the instructions were not very explicit. Something along lines “Get out the mask, place on face and leave on for 10 – 15 minutes.” My gut feeling was right, it was really messy to get on my face, it was neatly folded but somehow I managed to get it all tangled up. The sheet was very slimy and it took me about two minutes to get it on my face.

The mask felt really funny and I felt unable to move my mouth the entire time that I was wearing it. The sheet did smell really good. After 15 minutes I was not sure what to do so I decided to rub the rest of the mask into my skin using circular motions. Afterwards, I cannot say that my face felt extremely hydrated or that it looked much better.


I look like a criminal and this is what I meant when I said that I could not move my mouth.

Past Sunday I tried the Lavender one. After the gym and relaxing in the sauna this was a nice addition to my relaxing day. I had an even harder time with this one but that might also have to do with the fact that I am extremely clumsy. I left this one on a little longer, until the sheet felt quite dried up. This left my skin feeling quite sticky but after a while most of the mask seemed to have soaked into my skin. I did like the relaxing moment.

The masks cost me €1,49 a piece which I think is a great price. I cannot say that this mask is a game changer but my skin did feel nice and soft for the rest of the day. Have you tried Skinlite masks before and if so what did you think?



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