Not Today Snow… Not Today

It was early Saturday morning, my alarm was set extra early because I still had to do my chores, take a shower and look decent for work that day. Slowly but surely I got the things done that I needed to get done. I had a little extra time so I decided that I was going to really take my time with my make-up. Classes had just started that week so for the most time I was basically rocking the homeless-look: hair that looked attacked by a raven, bare-butt face and outfits that were based on my 5 year old pair of UGG boots.


As I was putting the finishing touches on my look I heared my phone vibrate and saw messages in my family app-group discussing the weather. One message which particularly caught my eye was by my sister claiming that it was snowing pretty badly in Utrecht… my city. I knew it had snowed the night before however, living in quite a big city it usually melts within minutes. I push aside one of my curtains and see that while the flakes are not that big but they are coming down at quite some speed. Now that would of course be my luck, the one day of the week that I decide to actually spend some time on my appearance would be the day that there was a little snowstorm.

I had run out of luck a few days earlier when I found out that the front wheel of my bicycle had a flat tire for the second time in two weeks time. Not that I am a hero when it comes to cycling through the snow. However, now I had to walk to work and while the commute is not that long, the fact that there would be snow did increase the chances of me showing up to work looking like a drowned cat. Figuring that snow, like rain, is also precipitation I got out my cute little floral umbrella and decided to own the walk to work.

The streets were covered with snow and the sights were lovely. I love the sound of snow crumbling under my feet and while the soles of my work shoes seriously lacked profile I slowly but surely made my way to the city.The looks I got from people ranged from confused to trying to keep from laughing. But I kept going, greeted the man from the fresh produce store and when I arrived at the train station I saw other people with the same smart idea. In the end it did not matter whether I looked silly or not with my girly umbrella because I arrived at work with my make-up still on fleek.



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