NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette

If I would have to describe myself spontaneous would not necessarily be one of the words I would use. Yet, when it comes to buying make-up I guess you could say my behaviour is very spontaneous. Imagine this, I was on my way to my mother’s, I found myself at the train station with a little time to spare so there and then I decide that it would be the perfect moment to purchase the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette. So I rushed to the store risking missing my train just because I had decided in a split second that I needed this. I cannot say that I have not had my eye on this palette ever since one of the only Dutch vloggers I follow (DisforDazzle) showed it in one of her vlogs.


This palette has been around for quite some time. However, I never actually got it because I was afraid it would be too dark for my every so pale complexion. Then a few months back a close friend of mine purchased it and seeing how it worked for her, she being a fellow pale mate, I decided that I could give it a shot as well. So flash forward to a few weeks back when in that split second I decided that I needed this palette and actually got it.


In the following weeks I had the palette lying around in the box because I had not had the time yet to take pictures of the product and did not want to use it before I got pictures. Now that I have finally taken the photos it is time to show it to you. I am still quite afraid to use most of the bronzing colours which is why I mostly stick to the third shade of the bottom row. This shade looks a lot like the regular contouring shade I often use because it has such a cool undertone which for me translates into no possibility of looking like an orange. I have used all the top row colours.


The top left and the top right colour in the palette are the highlighting colours. They contain a tiny sparkle and are beautiful on the skin. The middle two consist of one more neutral colour and a banana coloured shade which is perfect for the under-eye area. I have not swatched the palette yet but I will add those later to the blogpost.

I do really like this palette, it does really remind me of my Revolution Ultimate Contour Palette (which I would say is a dupe of this one). I think it is priced pretty fairly considering the size of the pans and definitely when you compare it to other palettes. The vlogger who I saw using this palette first often used it to create a simple eye-look as well and I think it could be perfect for that purpose as well. I am curious, do you own the NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette and if so what are your thoughts?


ps. here are my swatches



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