Wednesday Reviews #12 L’Oréal Skin Expert Pure Clay Masks

At times you need a little me-moment and for me those moments are best spend pampering myself. So I try to plan a little me moment every week in which I treat myself with a good thorough facial cleanse and finish with a facial mask. Now L’Oréal launched their Skin Expert Pure Clay Masks a while back and at first I was a bit sceptical. The way they advertise the products is that each of the three types has their own function and that it is best to use all three in different areas. The reason why I was sceptical had to do with the price. Luckily I found them on sale online a while back and I decided, why not?


Each of the masks comes in a small box with on it a brief description of what each is supposed to do. While I liked the packaging what I noticed was that the individual descriptions did not go beyond the words ‘detox’ ‘mattifying’, ‘exfoliating’. I would have liked the descriptions to be a bit more explicit. Inside the package you will find a nice glass container which holds the product. Each has a tiny cap when you screw off the lid to prevent the product from getting everywhere.


All three of the masks have quite a distinguishing smell. The red one is supposed to exfoliate the skin and contains tiny particles which should clean the pores while applying. The green one should take care of excess oil on the skin and therefore make the skin more matte. The blackish/greyish on is supposed to detox the skin and get rid of dirt and blackheads. I was mostly interested in the red and black one because while my skin really is not problematic or anything I do struggle with blackheads on my nose. However, it did not seem like a smart plan to mix the masks so the first time it took me a while to decide which mask I was going to use where. I decided to apply the red one on my chin and lower part of my cheeks, the black one on my nose and spread it out up until my ears and finally the green one on my forehead.


Because I tried the masks out at night the first time (as you might be able to tell from the flash on the pictures of the masks) I was unable to take a good photo (flash really does not compliment my face). So I tried the mask again a few days later only then I decided to use only the green and black one. What I noticed the first time that I used the masks was that my face became all red after I had removed the detox mask. Nowhere was my skin red except for the parts where I used the black mask. It was not an allergic reaction though it was more as if the clay had really cleansed my skin. While I really liked the masks and they did leave my skin feel soft, I did not feel as if they did as much for my blackheads as I would have liked.

So to me personally these masks do not have any benefit over the masks that I normally buy. They do recommend to use the masks several times in a week so maybe I will be able to tell more difference after a few weeks. If so I will let you guys know!

I hope you guys liked this review and I am of course curious whether you have tried these L’Oréal Skin Expert Pure Clay Masks and if so what your experience was. Let me know!



5 thoughts on “Wednesday Reviews #12 L’Oréal Skin Expert Pure Clay Masks

  1. kippinsbeautyblog says:

    I’ve tried the red one a couple of times now but I just don’t think it suits me. Both times my skin became quite red & sensitive to the touch & I had to put a calming night mask on to tone my skin down & make it happy again 😦
    I am still tempted by the black one though. I’m nearly finished my Glam Glow & this is supposed to be similar & the glam glow definitely isn’t worth the money IMHO!


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