Taming the Beasts

I believe that every experience in your life shapes you as a person. While there were not many things that I knew for sure as a child. Two things I do remember, is that I have always been a little diva. I demanded to have those Disney plastic slippers every girl had however, due to my taller than average nature they never actually fit. The other thing is that I have always had bushy eyebrows. They were nice and thick but as insecurities became part of my everyday life my sister convinced me to let her pluck them… They have never been the same.


My eyebrows start too late and one is placed lower than the other. So ever since that moment my brows have been a bit of an issue. Do I pluck them or do I let them grow for a bit or should I wax them? As I was looking in the mirror the other day I realised they were getting quite out of control. So I got on Treatwell and booked myself an appointment to have my brows threaded for the first time in my life.

Now if you know me, you will know that I get nervous about these things. Don’t ask me why but I just do. I had booked an appointment at 12 but was called if I was able to come later which was no problem for me. Now I am incapable of cycling slowly. Which means that I always arrive way too early. This time was no different. Luckily there were stores across the road so I decided to see if they sold a sketchbook and pencil (I want to design my second tattoo myself). After paying I made my way across the road to the salon.

The lady was really kind and made me feel at ease. We went into a separate room where I had to lie on one of those salonbeds and after a brief explanation of what she was going to do and in what order she started. Now plucking my brows has never been that nice of an experience, I cannot say that it does not hurt but I have always managed. When she started on the bottoms of my brow I could feel the tears in the corners of my eyes, it hurts a lot!

After a while the lady told me that I should know that my brows did not look entirely the same. This made my heart skip a beat, I was having visions of over-plucked sperm-shaped brows so when she presented me with a mirror I felt relieved. I did not even know what she was talking about my brows had never looked more the same that at that moment. Even though it was not pleasant I am very pleased with the results.


Sorry for the weird Snapchat filter but that was the only good picture I had after the threading. I would definitely recommend getting your brows done. I have always plucked them myself however, I could never get them in the shape I wanted them and then this lady transformed my eyebrows into nice shaped brows. Do you pluck your brows or do you just let them grow? Let me know!



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