Wednesday Reviews #11 Miracle Worker

It has been a while since I last posted a Wednesday Reviews but after using this product for a while I could not stand to not share it. I would not say that my skin is dry or oily. However, not that the temperatures have dropped and the wind can be icy cold, I do like to give it some extra treatment. This is why today’s post is dedicated to L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil.


A while back after thinking that I had blown one of my finals I went on a little shopping spree. This was one of the products that I got that day. Following a lot of beauty vloggers on Instagram I started noticing this trend of applying a serum to creme products in order to increase their blendability. I had heard about this product several times and now decided to try it out.


Normally this product is applied before the daycream of nightcream. I do use it in that way now in the winter. My skin can use the extra treatment. The product is oily as the name would suggest, however it does not leave the skin feeling greasy. If I apply it under my daycream or nightcream I use 5 drops on my face. One drop on the forehead, one drop on the nose, on drop on my left cheek, one on the right and finally one on the chin. For me this is enough to treat my entire face. I massage the product into my face using small circular motions. Afterwards I will apply my next cream.


If used for make-up purposes, I use one drop and apply in the pan of the creme-based product to make it more liquid. While I am not a big fan of the smell of the product, I do believe that using this oil really helps my skin. Especially now in the winter the oil is a real life saver. It retails, I believe at €16,99 and a little goes a long way so to me it is definitely worth it!

I hope you liked this post, do you use any serums or oils? If not, what is your life saver during these colder months?



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