Year in Review: My Top 5 Posts of 2016

With it being the 2nd of January already I thought it might be fun to give you guys some insight into my most read posts of 2016. 2016 was the year I started this blog and I just hope that 2017 will be about new opportunities and goals. I hope you guys will stick along!


1. Wednesday Reviews #1
In my first Wednesday Reviews I discussed my favourite stain removal product which I still use! After spilling cherry juice all over my sheets I felt that I needed to share this amazing product.


2. Solo Sunday #1
In my first segment of Solo Sunday I went to the movies by myself which was hilariously awkward up until the start of the movie. I did really enjoy myself though!


3. Solo Sunday #2
The second week of Solo Sunday I went to the zoo which was the best experience ever. I would still recommend this to everyone. You just get to walk around and see what you want to see without anyone rushing you.


4. Room for Thought #1
In my first Room for Thought I told you guys about why I need feminism.


5. Solo Sunday #3

And finally, the third installment of Solo Sunday which is up until this day THE most awkward experience of my entire 21 and 3 month existence…


I hope you liked my posts and I am of course super curious what your favorite blogpost was! Let me know and once again happy 2017!



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