Happy 2017!

I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve! I sure did (something about shamelessly introducing myself to a gold medal winning Olympian, don’t ask). While today has been mostly about doing nothing and just enjoying Harry Potter movies with my roommates, I have been thinking about what I want 2017 for me to be about. 

Last year I came to the realisation that most of my life and choices revolved around seeking approval of my surroundings. With every step and turn I would worry about what others would think. Right around August I realised that this was no way to live, not for me. We are so focused on constantly pleasing the world around us that we tend to forget ourselves. Now I am by no means advising people to behave selfishly but I would like to encourage you to question yourself if you giving yourself enough credit. 

So for me 2017 is going to be about me. About working on my self-image, about challenging myself, about making sure that I am doing everything I can. You may be one of those people who think it is rubbish to have New Years resolutions. However, I believe that having such clear line may actually help people with their set goals. So do not think they are silly, your resolutions. Just do not be too hard on yourself. In the end you are going to be the one who will always be there with you. 

Besides, I’m just glad that 2016 is over. While it has not extremely bad for me personally, it did have a bad vibe. 2016 was one of my least favourite years which is why I’m okay with it being in the past. Finally, I just wish you all a happy new year full of love, happiness and great opportunities. 




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