Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow Palette

When I lived in the USA one thing that I got to experience was Black Friday. When I first heard of the concept it seemed kind of weird. After celebrating a day of being thankful you would go out to the stores and spend a lot of money on sales? But hey who am I to turn down a good deal. For some reason though Dutch stores have responded to these American Black Friday sales by hosting their own Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales, which to me makes even less sense. Normally I do not pay a lot of attention to these deals. However, this year I came across the website of Douglas and saw that they had 25% off almost all their products. Weak as I am I had to check it out and the Zoeva En Taupe Eyeshadow palette was one of the things I bought.

 What drew me to this palette were the soft colours. Most of my palettes contain either nice earth tones or pink shades. But these taupe shades had yet to be added to my collection. I own several brushes by Zoeva and I really like their quality so I figured I might give their make-up a try as well.

As you can tell the palette contains ten different shades. Four of the shades are matte and the rest are shimmery. Stitch By Stitch is your perfect base colour. By applying this one over the entire eye you create a nice base for the shimmery shades. Gallery and Exquisite are perfect colours for in the crease. The rest are quite beautiful as well.

The shades are of a very creamy texture and super pigmented. Most of the colours I only had to swatch once. Zoeva has put together a beautiful palette with a nice range of colours. The colours are really diverse. It gives you the opportunity to create either a day or night look.


This palette retails for €22,- which I think is an incredibly good deal for the quality of this product. I would definitely recommend this palette, especially if you like taupe colours. The shadows are soft and creamy and very pigmented and they blend very well.

I hope you liked this post! Have you tried any Zoeva palettes and if so what did you think of them?



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