Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe

It is time, today I will show you guys the Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe. I wanted this bad boy pretty much as soon as I saw it. Unfortunately Sephora withdrew all their stores from the Netherlands a few years ago. Luckily for me my little brother was on a school trip to Paris and on the final day I begged him to get me this amazing Too Faced collection. Be sure to read on!



The packaging is shaped like a hotel and contains two parts: the lid and the body as it were. When you take the lid off you can open the front side of the packaging. Inside there are three separate palettes and in front of those they have added a miniature Too Faced Better than Sex mascara.


Above you can see all the products that are part of the Too Faced Grand Hotel Cafe. The three different palettes all have a different name and scent (of course I mean it is Too Faced!). While the Peppermint Mocha palette focusses more on pink tones, the Gingerbread Cookie palette contains more brownish and sparkly colours and the Eggnog Latte palette also a bit brownish but combined with green.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Above I have added a brief slideshow which shows you the inner look of all three palettes.


These are the swatches for the Peppermint Mocha palette. While I do really love the colours not all were as pigmented as the others. They dit have a nice scent. As you can see though the blush (at the top) was very pigmented. Sadly I do not think that such a bright pink would mix very well with my red hair.


These swatches are from the Gingerbread Cookie palette which is also my favorite one. While once again not all colours were as pigmented they added some really nice shimmery shades. These are perfect for the Holidays. Also the blush is most neutral, the other two blushes are kind of pink.


And finally, the swatches of the Eggnog Latte palette. This palette is my second favorite because the colours are very pretty but not too different. You can create either a day or a night look and I love the green shade they have added.

The Better than Sex mascara I found kind of disappointing. While it does create the optical illusion of having a lot of lashes, it does not really do anything for the volume. Meaning that it does look like I have a lot of lashes but sadly the volume is disappointing.

This set retails for about €45,- I believe. Like I mentioned my brother got it for me in the French Sephora so I am not entirely sure if it is still available. If you are a beginning make-up user or if you do not have a lot of money to spend I would not recommend buying this palette. While I love the colours some shades are just not that pigmented and I do believe that you can get better palettes for this price. If you are patient or just really like the colours than I would recommend this palette because you do get 18 different shades and three blushes and a mascara for €45,-. For Too Faced that is not that expensive. I do like my Chocolate Bon Bons palette better though.

I hope you liked this review, let me know what you think in the comments below.



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