Beauty Routine: Mask it

Now that I have dyed my hair red over the Summer a lot of people comment on how my hair still looks so shiny and healthy. I do tend to take great care of my skin and hair which is why I wanted to go over one of my favorite beauty routines today: masks!


This week I got my hands on some new masks both for hair and skin and I thought it might be interesting to discuss them today. Normally I use a deep repair mask from Guhl for my hair but as I walked through Lush this last Monday I could not help but browse through their hair products. My hair has the obvious hair problems of long hair; my roots get oily pretty fast by my ends are often dry. Because of my dry ends I like to treat it with a mask every once in a while.  This time I choose the H’Suan Wen Hua mask by Lush. This is their most basic mask and I chose this one because my hair is as straight as it gets and everything but dry. To avoid getting a heavy head of hair or extremely greasy hair I went with this one. One of the most important reasons for me to go with this Lush mask is that I like to differentiate between natural products and regular products to see if I can tell the difference.


The texture is really soft and a little goes a long way (that says quite something coming from me because my hair is pretty thick) The only thing was that I am not particularly fond of the smell. Normally this does not bother me so much because after washing my hair the smell of the mask often fades. This did not happen this time. It is not that the mask smells awful, it is just that I can think of things that I would rather have my hair smell like. At the store the saleslady told me to apply it to dry hair because that way Lush masks do their work best. This was quite an important instruction since I normally make sure my hair is a little damp. The instructions said to leave it in for about 20 minutes, I personally like to wait a little longer. With my old mask I would put it in at night and rise it out in the morning. This time I decided to watch two episodes of Brooklyn nine-nine and afterwards rinse it out.


I also applied a face mask. An important selection criterium for me personally is whether they are nourishing. While cleansing masks can be nice too, I find nourishment more important because otherwise your skin might be left dehydrated. While a skin that produces too much oil can cause break-outs, a skin which is dehydrated can also break-out because the skin thinks it is too dry and in response starts to create a greasy skin and thus break-outs. This is also a reason why it is important that you use a creme after cleaning off the mask. Otherwise your skin loses it’s hydration on the upper layer. This is why I went with the Beauty Bamboo Green Tea mask by Dr van der Hoog. 


Of course I had to include an awkward selfie of me rocking both masks (also I look surprisingly tan for some reason)

I personally like to apply the mask with a flat foundation brush. That way the bacteria of your hands are not spread out over your face. Also the possibility of irritating the skin or causing little wounds is reduced (if you are clumsy like me and accidentally scratch yourself from time to time). I prefer washing both masks off while showering because it is just the easiest and you avoid leaving part of the mask still in.

The hair mask did make my hair really soft but not greasy at all so I would definitely recommend it. The face mask to me was less special but still left my skin feeling soft and hydrated. I do prefer their shea butter face mask because it is a tad more nourishing.

I hope you liked this post and I am curious, what are your beauty routines when it comes to masks? Or do you prefer to use none at all? Let me know and till next time!



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