Useless Stuff that I Really Want

Do you ever come across something which just looks incredibly silly or does not seem to have any proper function but still for some reason screams “You need me in your life!” Yeah, I am very much a person who could list a thousand of things which would fit that description. Since a thousand individual products is quite a lot I thought I would show you ten in todays post.


1. Unicorn slippers that light-up


I am pretty sure these do not even need an explanation but could you imagine how incredibly cool you would look with these badboys on? Almost as cool as me with my Frozen’s Olaf slippers.

2. Macaron shaped Lip balm


Is it unsanitary? Yes. Is the packaging practical? No. Do I want it? Yes. This is one of the cuter packaging of lip balms I have ever seen (Just like the panda shaped ones they sell). And hey, that you just might give yourself herpes from all the bacteria that gather because you have to apply the product with your fingers, is just a small detail right?

3. Bridesmaid appreciation gifts


I am not getting married any time soon in the foreseeable future but still I have to keep my wallet on lock down when I come across these kinds of gifts. I just think it is incredibly cute.

4. Monkey-shaped nail polish dryer


This probably does not even work just like my other nail polish dryer which is gathering dust somewhere at my mother’s house. That does not mean that it is not incredibly cute and looks super useful.

5. Cat ear-shaped headphones


10/10 I would have demolished these headphones within a day. My hair would get stuck in them or they would slide of my head. That does not mean that my inner catlady is not screaming for them.

6. Leather Journal


I am absolutely terrible at physically writing down my thoughts. I am however great at buying aesthetically pleasing notebooks while convinced that they will one will THE one that will get me to writing. This notebook is no exception, it is so pretty!

7. Cat Doorbell


Once again, inner catlady screaming for this doorbell.

8. a Couple’s book


If I ever meet someone who can strain me from my catlady path I would definitely purchase a book like this. Obviously it would end up on the bookshelf covered in a thick layer of dust after having filled in the first 9 pages with true dedication.

9. Otter Tape-dispenser


I do not think I have to elaborate on this one but hey otters are stinking cute!

10. Japanese speaking animals looking like drinking cartons 


Apparently they speak Japanese and point out your wasting of energy if you leave the fridge open for too long. Where have these cuties been all my life?

Well that was it for this time’s useless but still appealing things. If you for some reason find yourself in a situation where you have too much money and have to have one of these products I have added the links where I found these goodies. This is not a sponsored post I just like browsing the web for useless stuff, it is not like I have anything else to do in my spare time💁🏻.



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