Wednesday Reviews #10: L’Oréal BB Legs

As some of you may know I turned 21 on the 29th of October. While I do not have a rich family I did really like the idea of giving a 21 diner and so I did. However, I do not really get tan and all the results from lying under the Portuguese sun have long vanished. Which means that my legs look like glow in the dark milk jugs, I wish I was kidding… So naturally I needed a solution for this problem. However, I am no hero when it comes to self tan products. They frighten me… I once spray tanned myself, the result was so horrific that my mother could not look at me without laughing and my legs had to stay hidden for at least two days. So when came across this product I was curious.


The L’Oréal BB legs is a product which will colour your legs but contains no self tan nor does stay on for multiple days.  So if I decided that it looked absolutely horrible, I would be able to wash it off. After my horrible experience with that tan in a can idea this was just what I needed.
The product does not distinguish between light and darker skin so I was still a little scared. Once I saw the product I realised that it was quite orange looking as well. The product itself did smell good which to me was a good sign. The creme is very soft and not too think so application is pretty easy.

I chose to use small amounts of product east time to avoid carrot stick but to be able to build the colour (the first time I did not really see any difference). I would recommend getting a tan mit because my hands looked like I just slaughtered a whole family of carrots.

It was quite hard to get my feet in the right colour but that was the. Only difficult part. The rest of the product spread very easily and the colour appeared very natural. While the product is pretty pricy (14,99) if you buy it on sale it is definitely worth it. I just did not want to look like a ghost in my own birthday pictures and this definitely worked. Because of the way the straps on my shoes were crossed nobody was able to tell that they unevenly coloured. What is important is that you exfoliate before you use any tan product whether they contain selftan or not because otherwise the colour is going to end up messed up.


I hope you guys liked this review, have you ever used this type of product and if so what were your experiences?




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