Shoplog #2 November’s Catch

The dust is slowly settling, the storm is almost over and I am slowly getting my life back. The past few weeks have been absolute mayhem. I have been all over the country and back, spoken to a lot of different people, visited the occasional party and arranged a lot for my committee. With the new block having started everything is slowly turning back to the way it was. Hopefully this also means that I will have more time to post again. Today’s post contain all the beauty related products I have gotten this past month. Ranging from very ordinary products to my favorite special Christmas line.


As you can see above the product range from brushes to eyeshadow to lipstick (a lot of lipstick). Which is why I decided to divide them up into groups of items which to me go together. First off:


Lipsticks! While I absolutely love lipstick I do not wear it very often for several reasons. The most important one being that it bothers me to eat or drink while wearing lipstick. A lot of the product often comes off or those sharp smooth lines start to fade and I am left looking like a junky. However, this month was mostly about lipstick. The little tube above the rest is a lip primer I got last weekend. I have been looking for a lip primer for a long time now. My lips get chapped real quick and the M.A.C. primer to me is just too expensive. While this primer does not say on the package that it soften the lips, my experience is that it does. Furthermore it provides a neutral colourbase so your lipstick can really pop. The other colours are Sleek Matte Me in Old HollywoodEtos Color Care in Pretty LiarEtos Color Care in La Vie En RoseEtos Color Care Limited Holidays Edition in Red ObsessionNYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm and M.A.C. in Velvet Teddy.


La Vie en Rose is a really pretty colour (second from left) but at this moment too bright as my hair is still bright red. Velvet Teddy is a nice nude colour with a slightly pink undertone. Stockholm was a gift from a close friend of mine and a lovely deep red. Old Hollywood is also a darker red, I wore it to work yesterday and got a ton of compliments. So these were the lipsticks, now it’s time for:


Skin related products! In April or so I got myself a Beauty Blender and while I love the product I already decided after my first use that I was not going to buy another one anytime soon. The price (€20,-) is just too high for me. I have always been a great fan of Real Techniques and after thinking that I had absolutely messed up my Shakespeare final (which I actually did pretty well) I decided to treat myself and their Complexion Sponge was one of the products. I prefer this sponge because it has a flat side perfect for baking and contouring. I also got myself another flat foundation brush because I wanted a brush to apply facial masks with instead of getting that stuff everywhere. I decided I wanted to give the Etos Blending Brush a try as well because the new brushline looked (and is) really soft. Finally, I got the L’Oréal Extraordinary Oil because I wanted a serum which would help the blendablilty of my Sleek Creme Contour palette.


Moving on to eyes! A while back I got a L’Oréal Super Liner for free but it was the thicker version. While I like my eyeliner thin the product was very pigmented so I decided I wanted to give the regular liner a shot as well. I really this one although pen-liners do run out pretty quickly. Which is why I got the Miss Sporty Cat Eyes Liner as well because it is a cheaper version. Finally I got the Volume Million Lashes mascara in the Fatale edition. I really like L’Oréal mascaras and they were on sale so I thought to myself, why not!


Etos‘ new haircare products were now in stock and as I am a big fan of hair serum I decided to give this one a shot. I will probably review this product later.


This beautiful Revolution Ultra Contour Palette was a gift from my brother for my 21st birthday and I am absolutely in love with it! Expect a review on this product very soon! So finally we arrive at the most special products which my brother picked up for me during his week in Paris (still very thankful little bro!)


The Too Faced Grande Hotel Cafe! Now I am not going to say too much about this product because I will review it either this week or next week. But I will show you what is inside.


The box consists of three palettes with each different colours and a sample size Better Than Sex mascara.


The palettes each contain six eyeshadows and one blush. In the spirit of Too Faced products they all have their own different smell.

I hope you liked this shoplog, be sure to let me know what you thought in the comments and hopefully till next time!



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