Beauty Routine: Mask it

Now that I have dyed my hair red over the Summer a lot of people comment on how my hair still looks so shiny and healthy. I do tend to take great care of my skin and hair which is why I wanted to go over one of my favorite beauty routines today: masks!


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Useless Stuff that I Really Want

Do you ever come across something which just looks incredibly silly or does not seem to have any proper function but still for some reason screams “You need me in your life!” Yeah, I am very much a person who could list a thousand of things which would fit that description. Since a thousand individual products is quite a lot I thought I would show you ten in todays post.


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Wednesday Reviews #10: L’Oréal BB Legs

As some of you may know I turned 21 on the 29th of October. While I do not have a rich family I did really like the idea of giving a 21 diner and so I did. However, I do not really get tan and all the results from lying under the Portuguese sun have long vanished. Which means that my legs look like glow in the dark milk jugs, I wish I was kidding… So naturally I needed a solution for this problem. However, I am no hero when it comes to self tan products. They frighten me… I once spray tanned myself, the result was so horrific that my mother could not look at me without laughing and my legs had to stay hidden for at least two days. So when came across this product I was curious.


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Shoplog #2 November’s Catch

The dust is slowly settling, the storm is almost over and I am slowly getting my life back. The past few weeks have been absolute mayhem. I have been all over the country and back, spoken to a lot of different people, visited the occasional party and arranged a lot for my committee. With the new block having started everything is slowly turning back to the way it was. Hopefully this also means that I will have more time to post again. Today’s post contain all the beauty related products I have gotten this past month. Ranging from very ordinary products to my favorite special Christmas line.


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Update: Finals 

Hey guys,

I know that it has been a while and my sincerest apologies. The past few weeks have been an absolute mess. As some of you may know I am currently part of a comité within my student association and it is our responsability to organize a trip abroad for a big group of students. So the past few weeks were mostly spend looking into locations, fixing hostels and of course the regular workload of being part of a double bachelor program. So I am really sorry for the lack of posts this past few weeks and I promise I will make up for it.

I am currently on the train back to my place after having traveled half the country for 10 seconds of film for our revelation video (the video for our student association in which we announce the location of the trip). I will be home for a short hour and then I will take the train to Rotterdam because today is the day that I am getting my first tattoo! I am super excited. Friends have asked whether I feel any nerves but I have too busy to give it too much thought. I have had this idea for three years now and I felt that the time was there to put my words into action. So you can definitely expect a post on my experience. I have some more shoplogs lined up which I will try to post as soon as I can and furthermore I would just like to ask you to bear with me during these incredibly busy weeks. I expect that in two weeks I will have more time, right now is just pure chaos.