Wednesday Reviews #9 Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa

Yesterday was extremely busy I had a US literature final from 13:30 till 16:30 and afterwards a Communications final from 17:00 till 20:00. The planning was to lay in bed and treat myself to a TWD marathon but I ended up at a bar and did not get back till 4 in the morning. This is why today’s Wednesday Reviews is a little late, but considering that I have not had time at all the past few weeks for Wednesday Reviews late is better than never right?


If you have read my last post before this one you will know that I ordered this tool online last week and then it got stuck at my neighbors for like three days. So it was already Friday before I got my package. The reason why I got the Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa is because I am terrible when it comes to cleaning my brushes, like the absolute worst. A while back I got one of those brush cleansing sprays and while they probably do a great job, they simply do not kill all the bacteria on the brushes. Before this was never a problem to me because I would be doing only my own make-up (and I owned like three brushes) but now as my love for make-up starts to expand (read about how I feel about make-up here) it also means that I often make up my friends when we go out or when they have a party. So it is not just simply my bacteria that I have to deal with anymore.

The Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa consists out of three parts; the top part is pink and is shaped in such a way for it to have good grip on your brushes when you want to dry them after the washing. The middle part is used for cleaning the brushes and consists of four different textures: a rougher texture to clean your face brushes, a more delicate texture to clean your eye brushes, a striped texture to rinse out all of the soap and a small dotted texture to refine the shape of your brushes. The third and final part consists of these elastic bands which are supposed to speed-up the drying process while also maintaining the shape of your brushes.

When I was finally able to retrieve my package on Friday I had to go and try out the Sigma Dry ‘n Shape Spa. I am in love with the cleaning part, it was so easy and kind of fun to do and I could definitely tell the difference from regular cleaning my brushes. The drying part I am not so satisfied with. While Sigma has patented their product design and thus prevent other companies from copying their products. They also just kept their brushes in mind while designing this. The brush holders were often too small to fit my Real Techniques brushes or I would have to really pull out the elastic band in order to get one in and that cost me a lot of time. Also the drying seemed to actually last longer than if I would just air dry it.

While I like the cleaning part of the product I would maybe just recommend getting once of their gadgets which is solely focussed on cleaning your brushes, not combined with drying. Unless you of course use a lot of Sigma products, in that case I would see how you could benefit from this product.

I hope you guys liked this review and I am curious; how do you clean your brushes or do you even clean them at all? Let me know in the comments below.



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